Our Anthurium Like Heart

All races give out rays of lightUnder a sun that rises for everyoneAnd stars that shine brightly for everybody. And what about the plants, the trees?Same too, you see, they appeal to all of us –We’re just different colors, sizes, & shapesDifferent types of body embodiment. The ocean rests there, extending itself till horizonFor theContinue reading “Our Anthurium Like Heart”

The Sequential Dream I Made Of An Abacus

😩I am busy these days – helping my children with their lessons at home, writing, and masterminding new plans. And yes, my dreams are often very weird… most of the time with calculations, which in reality are my worst nightmare. i I try to count – One, two, three, four, five, six Learning calculation; TakeContinue reading “The Sequential Dream I Made Of An Abacus”

A Letter To …….

We are merry-go-rounds floating above the ground, Little shingles shining in the night; Foams too, escaping till the landscape. We are closed cities, yet still pretty, Sending kisses far away, to another galaxy. We used to bump each other’s head with bones of Mammoths, But embraced mechanic, became megalomanic, and created weapons. We are addictedContinue reading “A Letter To …….”

Imageries Of Fiction

I am currently reading catch-22, by Joseph Heller. And I found myself being immersed into a strange world filled of absurdisme, with pints of surrealism; genres that I have at heart. And I do think that while writing this piece, my mind was still planninginto the dimensional space of this book. “Sometimes, when I can’t seem to come up with something deem as being the norm forContinue reading “Imageries Of Fiction”


Immaculate canvas — Awaited for brushstrokes Like a lover waiting for love Like a pen in need of use Like a mould wanting to shape, Expressions and Abstractions Materialising from minds To come alive into existence To exist, to make you see — Invisible information, invisible lessons – Invisible instructions Focusing elements of life BeggingContinue reading “Materialisation”