Cosmic Death Of The Lover

“Inspired by NEOWISE, comet that appeared in our sky on March. I hope that one day I’ll be able to see one with my own eyes.”

Cosmic death of the lover
The girl went on singing 
Along the road, gushing 
The lover merely speaking 
Mesmerised, fascinated, adoring 
The girl then danced lovingly 
While the moon shone brightly 
And where her skin her body 
Became transparent and shiny 
Suddenly the lover was scared 
As the girl loved flew in the air
The lover thought it a snare
Standing at the verge of nowhere
Her body was stellar bright 
Lighting the sky of that night
Singing prettier with all her might 
Beaming to the lover a warm light
Frightened, the lover ran away 
Certain that it was a dark fay
For dark ones emit more light 
That’s what they say,
Thus feared to never see another day
The cosmic body pursued 
As it sprinkled and spewed 
Fairy dust filled of lewd 
For the lover to be lured 
The lover ran and ran and ran
Horrified, while it beamed closer 
Terrified as it shot nearer and nearer
She, was not anymore their lover 
She, was now a blazing flame
A girl now estranged 
Her long hair became a tail —
A fiery comet that sailed
In the end she burned and died, 
The malefice away flied 
As the lover forever cried
While their day became forever night.

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