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  • Cultivating patience through growing plants 
    The mint plant I started to take an interest in gardening when I understood that growing flowers and other plants could help me cultivate that patience which I needed so much on my creative writing adventure. I began this little game of dirtying my hands in the soil during the first lockdown, with that single […]
  • Sounds Of Unification
    Everything sings — Birds, rain, winds A music that rings To free all things In this musical world Joyful hearts unfurl As loud voices are heard While symphonies hurl “The sounds of Earth” Hopefully sails above Along this dark firth Praising our musical worth Then this musical note That strangely floats In our heart, thoughts […]
  • What Is Absolute Beauty
    To know what absolute beauty is You’ll have to walk in flowery fields Feel the warmth of the vibrant sunlight As all these flower-heads dance in the breeze Look at this sky that’s so clear and blue You are a bird flying up all day through Dreaming to reach the stars that blink above Drinking […]
  • Everything Is Okay
    Everything is okay in the end, if it’s not ok, then it’s not the end. Anon Sometimes I am a very tortured person inside, but I try my very best to shed these negativities as soon as I start the day, because living with all of these dark thoughts that run through my mind destroy […]
  • Reading is my main booster
    The moment I stop reading fiction the flames that ignite my inspiration die. I don’t know why reading helps me that much in my writing process, but it’s a fact to me that the act of reading helps me a lot. Three days that I go without reading suffice to cause in me the type […]
  • I learned to learn from my mistakes
    The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing. Henry Ford Of mistakes I make a lot, mainly with my writings, but I try my best to correct them, or at least learn what I need to do so as to rectify my mistakes. Impatience and ego are the two main destructive […]

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