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  • The Order Of Things
    The cosmos is a space within which every single thing is at its place, out of order emerged all of our perfect bodies that now try to recreate perfect systems, the perfect routine, the perfect life, where, each one of us can live as we wish to. Without the perfect arrangement of things this order that commands time and life’s mechanisms, without a sequence, sustainability can’t be achieved, life can’t thrive, dreams can’t be concretised. I don’t know what really happened during that primeval time, […]
  • The Courage To Start Again
    The Phoenix-Bennu is a mythological bird that makes a pyre with perfumed myrrh so as to burn itself to death, before rising again from its own ashes; and right now, I feel like I’m metaphorically burning myself to death so as to be able to restart again where I should have really started when I began to publish blogposts and ebooks, that is, to take care of the tasks that come with self-managing a blogging and writing business. And this time I’m rebuilding on a […]
  • Blooming October
    Blooming October It’s the month of October And my blue flowers Are finally blooming As for my little heart It became a form of art So worthy of admiring And my words escaped Till that wide starscape To be forever shining I’m in love with my life Thus cut these lines with a knife I’m now in space, wandering Winter season milds And all of my summer dreams Start flowering, I’m breathing I kissed death tenderly As I purged myself wilfully I’m now a liberated […]
  • I Can’t Continue Like That
    I’m mentally exhausted right now. I can’t continue like that. Without an editorial calendar, and without planning in advance what to write, I’m predestined to fail, I’m bound to let my housework, and as well as all of the other important things that I neglect to write, read, take photos, create social-media contents, pileup, I’m certain that I’ll hate writing like all of these other things that cause lots of frustrations and stress in me… despise it like everything else that takes away my peace […]
  • Farewell To A Queen
    Farewell To A Queen Dark skies look more beautiful When stars and the moon shine Within its chest full of dreams, And when the fragrance of flowers Floats on light wings heavenward The being comes down to find A rare and rough gem that shines Without polishing, without facets A queen who has the memories, who Already wears a crown from birth — A gentle queen, faithful, dutiful The quintessence of nobleness An example for all queens to be A sovereign who knows, has learned […]
  • My Blogging Debut
    Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great Mark Twain I don’t think that I’ve ever told you the story of my first encounter with the word ‘blog’. It was during the time when I was hunting for a work-from-home job on a local employment website that the job-post from a French lifestyle magazine caught my eyes — it was an offshore job-offer to freelancers, or any other companies that had their own website or blog, where they also stipulated that […]
  • Goad
    I don’t have enough time to write longer stories right now, thus I’m practicing writing micro-fiction — a writing style where you have to tell a whole story in a brief way, which I found is not as easy as writing longer stories. I decided to tell this story in a narrative voice, where I give away bits of thoughts from the character’s fictional diary. While writing Goad, I didn’t think that the story would unravel in this way… but I like that it did, […]
  • Mountaineering Vibe
    Mountaineering vibe I have the mountaineering vibe I’m not afraid of the height Confident, I’ll slowly climb Thrilled, I’ll hold myself tight And if I’m trapped in landslides Surprised by unexpected threats Frightened that I might fall Then I’ll hold myself tighter To the cracks, edges, flakes And if needed, I’ll create, thrust With the force of my head and fists Openings in these steep walls For me to hide for some time, And if they push me, ensnare me Cut my chord, wreck my […]
  • Why I deleted these posts
    While revising all of my blogposts I re-wrote and corrected many posts that needed clarity and editing, but I also deleted these old posts that were marred with nonsense, and that lacked strength and information. In ‘The Struggle is Real’ I felt that I wrote this piece from a place of angst, ignorance, and confusion; while rereading the text that I impulsively wrote, I felt that the negative energy I felt back then punched me in the face, I knew right away that I had […]
  • My Lynchian Dreams — Like Twin Peaks
    I wish that I could write stories or poems like David Lynch does. I wish that I could encapsulate the rawness of the subconscious as it runs free when creating. I wish I could effortlessly implement like David Lynch these dreamsical elements that can be only known by the subconscious… I wish I could seduce first and foremost minds that recognise this familiar thing, this indescribable thing that goes unnoticed, but which reveals itself through creative sceneries. I think that I recognised it through Twin […]
  • Thoughts At Twilight Hours
    When on Monday I went to the beach so as to change atmosphere and take some photos for this blog, I had a serendipitous encounter with the subliminal facet of nature — I faced the scenery of a magical glowing orange disc slowly setting at the horizon of the ocean… this magnificent view from the beach appeased my internal conflicts, and I’m again in love with nature, with all of her colours, for she’s the most generous and selfless thing that I’ve ever seen; I’m […]
  • Inconsistent posting until September
    Since the beginning of July I’ve been revising, editing, and proofreading all blogposts as well as the photos that I’ve published on this blog. I’m having a great deal of fun while going through all of these blogposts, as I imagine that I’m playing a type of brain game while editing. I’ve also laughed a lot while reading all of my primary thoughts, which were blogposts where I whined a lot, that were biased, and incoherent. But it takes so much time and concentration to […]
  • Under that sky of July
    Forget the times of your distress, but never forget what they taught you. Herbert Gasser Under that sky of July I quietly moulted to become the woman that I’ve always dreamed to look like at my age — comprehensive, serene, joyful, confident, feeling secured, and grounded in reality.  I found again my heart in the wintry embrace of July.  July, the month where I opened my eyes for the first time in this world, sweetened my bitterness with honey manufactured by the wonderful bees… honey […]
  • To mentally plan in advance what I’ll be writing
    If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. William Arthur Ward I don’t have the time to sit down and plan my days in advance through lists and notes simply because I’m a very busy versatile stay-at-home-mom; thus, to be able to achieve my writing goals, I had to practice planning in advance in my head what I needed to write, their titles, and as well as the picture that would have accompanied that specific piece of writing. Of course, in the beginning it […]
  • Wild And Free
    Wild And Free All of these souls That roam around free With their eyes close Still they see Through inner eye Within divine insights Upon heavy sky Flying with lights Abolished souls Tell me your finds I’m filled with faults Misinterpreting the signs Free my mind Lead me to escape To that one shrine That has no shape Your bodies shine Oh loved ones Your souls lit bright Fierceless all at once Show me liberation And how to really love Undergoing elevation Flying like a […]
  • Blossoming Through Writing
    “Express yourself, don’t repress yourself.” From the song ‘Human Nature’,  by Madonna To blossom in life one needs to be able to freely express feelings, thoughts, and ideas in pacific artistic ways, and where I believe that expressing oneself through writing is within everyone’s reach, for all you have to do is write whatever you want, with anything you can write with, and this, on everything you want to.   To write is a universal right in itself, for concretisation of what’s internal is the […]
  • Abed
    Abed, all heart sings Each body rests As the mind flies Our bodies sway Like ships on rough seas, And whole cities are born And new civilisation too, Abed secrets take the shape Of ghosts that haunt our dreams And of faceless memories Covered with our bedsheets — Those silent witnesses  Of our unavowable fantasies. -Eiravel- The cold bite of winter makes me want to stay in bed, under my thick blanket, while binging series and watching movies with my mug of tea or hot […]
  • A Daring Endeavour
    I started to write and blog from scratch. I started to write when my English vocabulary was very poor; I started to write when I was still making lots of grammatical mistakes.  I started to write my first book when I didn’t know anything about writing, nor how to use writing softwares.  I started to blog when I didn’t know a damn thing about how to use CMS (content managing system); I was not at all tech savvy, hadn’t learned anything about digital designations, or […]
  • Mindabsorbent
    This mind of mine is a sponge That’s thirsty and hungry For a type of esoteric knowledge That would set me free from the mundane Here to solve the mysteries of this life My brain absorbs through my six senses Clues that emanate from my environment All hidden in plain sight, behind eyes I go on solving these strange life puzzle To unlock a new level of the game I play My reward, assertion of my will, freely, and The liberation of my imprisoned mind […]
  • Cultivating patience through growing plants 
    The mint plant I started to take an interest in gardening when I understood that growing flowers and other plants could help me cultivate that patience which I needed so much on my creative writing adventure. I began this little game of dirtying my hands in the soil during the first lockdown, with that single little sprig of mint which remained after that I completely neglected the seasoning herbs that my mother-in-law used to take care of.  Have to say that I wasn’t at all […]
  • Sounds Of Unification
    Everything sings — Birds, rain, winds A music that rings To free all things In this musical world Joyful hearts unfurl As loud voices are heard While symphonies hurl “The sounds of Earth” Hopefully sails above Along this dark firth Praising our musical worth Then this musical note That strangely floats In our heart, thoughts — We dance, thrilled, caught All of our heart beat As we dance on our feet This rhythmic heat Unify, as we all meet. -eiravel- Happy music day world. The […]