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  • Of Belonging
    “I wanted to embody the emotions I feel about ‘abandonment’, the word that I’ve chosen so as to write this poem.” Of Belonging Abandonment, what a sad wordFor the living and this world Everyday something is tossed away Without chance of returning someday Winds blow and rivers streamWhile every creature dreams Of belonging, of being […]
  • Fleece
    “The original book cover of the Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? a Science-Fiction by Philip k. Dick inspired me to write Fleece. The theme for this story was the word ‘abattoir’, and this sheep simply inspired me.” Lolly quickly took her habitual notebook and recorder, engulfed a piece of coconut bun, sipped a mug […]
  • Romantic Words Matter
    Happy Valentine’s Day  Human heart is an exquisite soft red organ that beats intrepidly when one reads romantic poems and stories. Instantly our brain is fired up thanks to the chemical reaction that automatically takes place when lovely words overwhelm our senses. Romantic words tickle our fancy, and other organs too, and our want to […]
  • Paradise Echo
    To write this story, for which ‘deserting’ is the main theme, I inspired myself from the book catch-22 by Joseph Heller. I tried to imagine why the author described war as being absurd, or even, why he wrote an absurdist fiction. “24 January: I am still looking for it – for that hidden paradise where […]
  • My Desertion From The Webhosphere
    But nothing remains stable or sustaining in life; and after lockdown everything changed for me 2020 has been very challenging for me, I guess it has been the case for many of you. Before the outbreak of the pandemic or whatever else, I was always stuck on my PC and smartphone; always hunting down for […]
  • To Carry Me Away, Away
    A metaphor for stubbornness – a characteristic that fits me well. To Carry Me Away, Away To abandon oneselfJust for once To give myself To the good ones, To close my eyes As to be blind And letting it and allCarry me away, away Why can’t I let me be – A mechanized thing Where […]

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