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  • See You In 2022
    To overflow gently so as to not drown; to be able to make space for writing, to create content, to get inspiration, to think; to organise myself, my day, my time; to do more of what I love so as to counterbalance with that which drains my energy, my all; to sublimate my life withContinue reading “See You In 2022”
  • Epitaph Of The Ghost
    On 2 November we will celebrate the DAY OF THE DEAD💀, thus this little poem. Epitaph Of The Ghost I sit above and look down below It’s all dust and tiny things Everything’s so blurry And here I’m cold and scared, I am looking for my body Have you seen my body? I’ve forgotten toContinue reading “Epitaph Of The Ghost”
  • Tiresome Editing
    It’s October, summer is around the corner, the soft light of dawn filters through my curtains earlier than that of the gloomy winter; birds chirp joyfully, everywhere colourful flowers bloom at the touch of summer daylights, and the cells of my body vibrate at the invisible kisses of summery delights. I feel inspired, my creative energyContinue reading “Tiresome Editing”
  • Capricious Weather
    “In Mauritius the weather has been acting very strange lately. This Winter doesn’t seem like all of the other winters I’ve known. The wind seems so scary; the clear sky can suddenly turn into dark clouds filled of rain, while at night, when sleeping, at any time temperature can suddenly rise. All of these changesContinue reading “Capricious Weather”
  • Moved Back For Better Jumping
    Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop. Ovid I hope that I moved back so as to be able to jump further ahead. I pressed the reset button to start all over again from the place where I should have really begin when I first started my creative-writing adventure. I amContinue reading “Moved Back For Better Jumping”
  • The Extraordinary
    A poem for the Olympic Games “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” Unknown Tough days indeed, but you make me believe that life has won over death, you inspire me to continue working towards my dreams, you ignite my aspirations. A Chinese proverbContinue reading “The Extraordinary”

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