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  • Heal
    Today I thought of flowers bloomingWildly, beautifully, in the fertile soilTheir strong roots fiercely stretchingTill that secret place, that wild garden And while musing, I became a flowerThat had for mother, earth, natureAnd for father, the sky, the universeI was cherished, loved, cared forOr should I say :I am healthy, I am becomingI am loved, […]
  • No. I am not suffering from writer’s block
    No. I am not suffering from writer’s block. My brain is just consumed by the too much thinking I make as to find a way to balance my life right now. It’s still a little bit chaotic, for I still haven’t found my pace amidst life happenings. No. I am not suffering from writer’s block. […]
  • Silver lines in the sky
    Peace came home, to meWhile I laid in my bedThinking, of silver lines in the sky   They were dancing oh so freelyWhile they brightly burned their light T’was morning, birds were singing merrilyWhen peace came home, to meClothed of silver lines, that shone brightlySuch elegance, it appeased my heartSuch emmited spark,it erased the dark The […]
  • Received my first letter of rejection
    I just received my first letter of rejection from the ministry of arts and culture today… but the most important here is to have participated, isn’t it? Here’s the Google Doc link to read the essay I submitted: A period of intense reflection
  • I won’t lower down my expectations
    “Garner your strength, writer, stifle the ache, for your words need to flutter” I know that the world is shaking right now, where most of us are sad, angry, aching, mourning; and that amidst this strange and wretched time, everything appears grim, morose, and without hope – but should our own heart be alike the […]
  • Everything that I might be
    Though able-bodied, I feel this incapacityThe incapacity to shake myself upRight from the start, when the sun risesFor I wake up to forget, everything that I might be I then search within my mindThis wondrous mind of mineForking deeply, digging, searchingFor that missing piece hidden deep,That one clue that I need to find I want […]

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