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  • Why I Use A Pen-name
    A pen-name, nom de plume, or literary double is a made up name used by authors who want to conceal their true identity or real name, or even, those, who like me, find it way more cooler to sign books or pieces of our writing with a pen-name. Though I am proud of the nameContinue reading “Why I Use A Pen-name”
  • This Home Of Yours
    This poem is dedicated to all those who have, and still are selflessly caring for us during that pandemic time. To my mother. To everyone else who love like a mother. To Mother Earth. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone. This Home Of Yours Mothers know every parts of their child, Reared under the hands ofContinue reading “This Home Of Yours”
  • Awareness In Times Of Chaos
    Awareness In Times Of Chaos Awareness is a form of meditation, of being inspired, of triggering the emotion of peace, love, and freedom. Awareness, I believe, is the most powerful and sane experience that a living being can have, though I’ve never understood why is it so difficult to attain, but also, why is itContinue reading “Awareness In Times Of Chaos”
  • Robots’ Mind
    “I wanted to write about what might go through the mind of a robot. In the end this piece partly came out as an absurdist fiction.” Robot’s Mind Trichia Pride dreamt of a life where she would be cared for, and with sets of instructions pre-programmed in her mind processor. She dreamt of that kindContinue reading “Robots’ Mind”
  • The Cure
    A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity – Franz Kafka Today, while writing this post, the house is very calm. My mother’s-in-law radio is off, my husband has taken my sons to the barbershop, and only the chirps of different birds, the windy weather, the shuffling of the leaves of trees, and some muffledContinue reading “The Cure”
  • Mother’s Day Mini Poems
    If you’ve enjoyed the pieces that I have written for Mother’s Day, here are two links to poems that I wrote so as to celebrate motherhood: My Mom, The Wren Thank u Mother

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