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  • A Beautiful Enchantment
    A poem for the 50th anniversary of “Earth day”
  • The Sequential Dream I Made Of An Abacus
    😩I am busy these days – helping my children with their lessons at home, writing, and masterminding new plans. I made a wrong decision at the wrong time, that is, to subscribe to the premium plan when I haven’t even made a cent online, to inject further in my small biz. I don’t want to […]
  • My Sudden Realization Amidst The Crisis
    I have always been a quiet-over-confident type of person, mainly due to my loyalty and worship of the self; and where most of my tragedy shows stem from the fact that my self-esteem has taken a harsh blow. I lose all self-control when I feel that my self-esteem has been attacked; I see red, and […]
  • My Ode To Poetry
    A poem is a river, the sea, the largenessIn which I can swim with opennessIt is a deck, a station, the purgatory –The place where the words fly away freely,It is a landscape where all beauty escapeWhile the reader’s heart race as it takes a shape. A hidden pulsating world unfoldsWhile it’s cold to summer, […]
  • The Dedication Amidst Anxiety
    “When you’re going through hell, keep going” – anon Anxiety has always been a poison to my mind – it rules me, it makes me unproductive, it fogs my mind, I can’t see clearly. My mind is an arid land when confronted to anxieties, which most of the time change into stress, and stress to […]
  • A Letter To …….
    We are merry-go-rounds floating above the ground, Little shingles shining in the night; Foams too, escaping till the landscape. We are closed cities, yet still pretty, Sending kisses far away, to another galaxy. We used to bump each other’s head with bones of Mammoths, But embraced mechanic, became megalomanic, and created weapons. We are addicted […]

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