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  • Passionately Attached To What I Produce
    That's why I don't abandon The passion behind Darcocyte would have been an aborted project if I had abandoned its conception. But that is where my strange anthropomorphic habits tend to save the day, looking at it as something tangible and true, one that belongs to the realm of existence, I couldn't fail to write … Read more
  • Things Abandoned
    Prompt: Abandoned
  • The Struggle Is Real
    Just a simple user No control over tools. No control over that system. Who am I on the internet? There was a time where I was taken aback by the websphere. I was discouraged, I was confused, I was overwhelmed — mainly due to the fact that I was blind as a bat flying in … Read more
  • Behind A Fog
    Prompt: taken aback
  • 15 minutes of reading a day keeps your words flowing
    Reading and writing work hand in hand – an intellectual association that boosts creativity and self-confidence to show your work to the world.
  • Layers Of Chaos
    When it's Dark, I can't see The confusion alleviates me My senses are in dissaray And I am lost screaming mayday. A light goes on, shinning brightly But its rays beam out faintly – I am lost on my own way So blind in a world filled of dissaray; A sound echo confuses my mind … Read more

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