Everything Is Okay

Everything is okay in the end, if it’s not ok, then it’s not the end.


Sometimes I am a very tortured person inside, but I try my very best to shed these negativities as soon as I start the day, because living with all of these dark thoughts that run through my mind destroy this heart of mine and poison the blood in my veins. Thus I seek the wonderful and the positive in everything I do, and in each thing that surrounds me so as to live more harmoniously with life. 

Of course, every day it’s not pastel flowers and candy skies, and sometimes things are so bad that I can’t do anything else than let it out completely… but what always matters for me after a very bad day is the next day. 

Everything is okay in the end if I keep being positive and fight to always be in that clear dimension of the mind. Keep writing. Keep learning. Keep doing the right things. Keep myself inspired, and if it’s not okay, then it’s not the end, simply because there’s so much more to life. So many things calling in the distance, so many floodlights hidden by my own blindness that light my way.

Nothing really ends, that flame changes hand, its passed on to others, propagates through ages, through time, in the world, and hopefully, in what I write. I’m okay with whatever will happen to this blog, to my books, to my stories and poems; I’m ready to take whatever is being thrown out at me… I’ve mentally prepared myself… I’ll be okay, for I’ve been through much worst 🤬 than that, and I’m still alive — for what doesn’t kill you make you stronger.

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