Reading is my main booster

Reading is the creative pill that I swallow when the words seem to be stuck somewhere inside of me.

To write I need an enthusiastic energy ― not passion, not determination, not audacity, but it’s enthusiasm that free the words from this inner fathomless sea where they rest.    

The moment I stop reading the flames that ignite my inspiration die. I don’t know why reading helps me that much in my writing process, but it’s a fact to me that it helps me a lot.

Three days that I go without reading suffice to cause in me the type of indolence that makes my muse go to sleep. If nothing moves me, shakes my inner core, stirs the dormant ocean in me, trouble in soft ways my heart and soul, then nothing arise, nothing makes its way out ― my emotions remain unmoved.

While reading, especially classics, the connection that takes place between the sentences or lines of the author and my brain is so intense, that it triggers the type of enthusiasm that makes me want to go write down my own thoughts and dreams right away.

When something in a text has been recognised, or has captivated all of my attention, this inspiration of mine ignites to lit a dark way where all of these words sleep.

Enthusiasm creates wonders, and when you find yourself wandering through that story or bits of thoughts that your reader’s self or mind find captivating, you want to know what happens next, and this piece becomes the only thing you obsess over, and all you can do is finish it so as to satisfy your bookworm self.

Reading is my main booster on this journey where daily encouragement is needed to continue doing better and give everything you have; it’s the only way I’ve found to keep me enthusiastic for now; reading is like a fuel that keeps me going.

There’s that type of hope that continues to survive inside of me only because when each time I read, and that it causes a thrill in me, I start imagining that I too can do that… that I can write poems, fiction, while journaling about my creative state of mind, or even share what I’ve been experiencing during my self-taught journey in the creative writing industry.

For now, as a non-English speaker, I constantly need to read so as to feed my mind with all of these words and sentences and writing styles; I constantly need to read so as to fuel my inspiration and determination that will call on my writing enthusiasm; I need to constantly read so as to easily get the flow of words right.

Without reading I wouldn’t be able to style my sentences in an exotic way; this intellectual connection between my mind and concrete words would have never happened if I hadn’t read that much… my brain would have never learned on its own, these nodes that create pathways towards creativity would have never existed and fired up.   

Writing is not a hard thing to do when you’re not sharing it with the world, but when you do, you are solely responsible for what you put out there; thus, through reading the work of other writers and authors I teach myself the rules for constructing proper ideas and thoughts through writing, which is a very difficult thing for me to do because I edit my own work.

Reading others boost my confidence when I re-read and edit my work, for I have an idea about how to do it and how to not do it.

If in the beginning I didn’t really know how to read so as to teach myself how to write properly, I’m now way more attentive when I read, consume words and sentences more consciously, thing that has helped me to ameliorate my writing skills.

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