Reading is my main booster

Reading is my main booster

The moment I stop reading fiction the flames that ignite my inspiration die. I don’t know why reading helps me that much in my writing process, but it’s a fact to me that the act of reading helps me a lot. Three days that I go without reading suffice to cause in me the type of indolence that makes my muse go to sleep.

While reading, especially classics, the connection that takes place between the sentences or lines of the author and my brain is so intense—because something has been recognised, or has captivated all of my attention—that it stirs such passion in me that all I want to do is write down my own thoughts and dreams. And as we know it so well, enthusiasm creates wonders, and when you find yourself wandering through that story or bits of thoughts that your reader’s self or mind find captivating, you want to know what happens next, and this piece becomes the only thing you obsess over, and all you can do is finish it so as to satisfy your bookworm self.

Reading is my main booster on this journey, that’s for me, without daily encouragement that could give me enough courage and determination to do more, and to do better. Writing is not a hard thing to do when you’re not sharing it with the world, but when you do, you are solely responsible for what you put out there, for you never know how a reader could interact with the context of your work, just like me, who constantly needs to read so as to feed my mind, and fuel my inspiration and determination.

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