To Be Love-inspired

Tonight, we’ll escape my love
Out of this town
Up in the clouds 
There where our house awaits 
Since immemorial times
For our bodies of love. 
(An excerpt from my upcoming poetry ebook)

Rise and shine with an aura of love, say I love you to birds, trees, flowers, to the sky, to the clouds; say I love you to yourself every day. Imagine that you are drinking water and eating food that are filled with cute hearts and loving words; take a shower of love, whisper I love you before you close your eyes to sleep, chase away thoughts that are devoid of the characteristics of love, write to yourself a letter filled with fondness and love for yourself — practice self-love, treat nature and others with love, and watch with awe as this genuine love returns tenfold to you in forms of inspiration, happiness, and meta-love… admire as everything that makes you feel unloveable, unworthy, frustrated, and doubtful, peacefully recedes away.

When last week I started to work on Valentine’s Day 2022 miscellanies, I was pretty much anxious that I won’t be able to find the right poetic love sentences, and love-graphicism ideas to fill these pages. I thought that my inspirational juice was all dried up, that the spirit of love had left me, that my muse had already found a fresher, and more sprightly conduit to inhabit and exalt the mind, that to the world love was dead, and that our creative inspiration was too cloudy in these troublesome times… but I was wrong… love is still around, and it’s stronger than ever before.

Every day we hear and read and see kind and random acts of love that we would have never thought existed in our human heart… and with hope grows the love, thus I wrote to remember love, and the more I wrote the more I recalled what the eye of love witnessed during all lifetimes; I was able to touch the memory of love, where bits of stories and sentences surged from the depth of my heart, from my mind… I was able to channel love from source.

Perhaps I won’t be able to ship my work in time for the celebration of Valentine’s Day, or perhaps that love mood will leave me, and that after the trance I will forget and sleep to dream that I was love-inspired to write love poems… perhaps, perhaps, perhaps… but no matter what, through writing these short and sweet love poems, and cultivating love aestheticism, my inspiration grew, because love, with its engorged breast, breastfeeds thirsty minds that want to grow by its side.

Picture on my wall
Pupils of my eyes 
Half of my body
We are the echos
Of primal love-flow.
(An extract from my upcoming ebook)

Love-inspired — a word that captivated me this morning while searching online for the term ‘boho’; love-inspired — a word that instantly triggered my inspiration to write this Sunday blogpost, and to take the photo of a poster I made for Valentine’s Day, and where I noticed that serendipity struck again on a random day where I was in the love mood, thinking about what I like, and reflecting about the little book of love poems that I’m currently writing. It’s right now 01.24 p.m, and I just can’t stop myself from continuing writing about love and its inspirations — ideas are surging in like waves, but I have to stop here, because I need some of these inspirations for the book… and all that I can say, it’s that I’ve really been love-inspired.

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