A Cycle Ends – A Poem For This New Year

And about the challenge I faced to write it All stars and planets concinnate, Of course, it’s the end of a twelve months cycle A fickle cycle that started twenty years back Do you remember what occurs? You were new born in a shinny cradle Your eyes, as dark as this void Your heart, asContinue reading “A Cycle Ends – A Poem For This New Year”

Merry Merry Christmas

Merry Merry Christmas Merry Merry Christmas May joy shine like fine glass Inside of your festive hearts Filled, of ice cream dreams   Merry Merry Christmas May you live the magic And let yourself be carried away By the loud amusing joy ride   Merry Merry Christmas May the loving floating ambiance Regenerates your allContinue reading “Merry Merry Christmas”

I’ve Been On Cloud Nine

Productivity & Focus I’ve been flying on cloud nine, woolgathering all of the ideas that might make up my poetry book i-Organel Dreamscape. It was a mindscape filled of wonderment, where I’ve been meeting with all the creatures that run wildly within my dreams—those figments that make up my imagination—and expressing all of these momentsContinue reading “I’ve Been On Cloud Nine”