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Merry Merry Christmas

When The Contagious Festive Mood Inspires

Merry Merry Christmas
May joy shine like fine glass
Inside of your festive hearts
Filled, of ice cream dreams
Merry Merry Christmas
May you live the magic
And let yourself be carried away
By the loud amusing joy ride
Merry Merry Christmas
May the loving floating ambiance
Regenerates your all whole
As you remember your childish heart
Merry Merry Christmas
May all the x-mas poems songs and stories
Find a way to your tired heart
Touched, you’re healed on the moment
Merry Merry Christmas
May all of your lonesome blues
Shifts merrily to the sweet sound of Christmas
While your gift – the contagious festive mood
Merry Merry Christmas
I write with joy, I write with hope
Where all this festivity hue blind my eyes
While I fly under the same sky as the child.
I was not at all in the mood to celebrate; either did I ever planned to write a poem for Christmas day. But when today (it’s the 24th) I went with my children and husband to the shopping mall, something in the aura of this day inspired me to write this poem, which I’ll post tomorrow.
The magic of this festivity was such, that I instantly felt that I needed to express this enthusiastic feeling through writing a poem, and share it on my blog.
Even the Christmas tree that my children have decorated all by themselves – with their innocent childish eyes – inspired me to write this poem.

So, merry Christmas to all of you, and may the magic wand of Christmas gifts you happiness and inspiration, and might your heart revel inside of your childish memories.

By Eiravel

I live somewhere in the South West of the Island of Mauritius. I am a mother, a spouse, a great life enthusiast. I love writing fiction, poems, and blog; I love listening to music, watch movies, read good books; also, love the sublime and the strange; and I am also interested in all types and forms of art that pleases my mind. I've even self-published a science-fiction book (Darcocyte), and I aspire to make a living through my writings.

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