– Embracing The Web Creative Culture –

It’s the digital revolution The web has surely shaped the ways that people think, search, do business, create and make, entertain and express themselves, work, get employed, and as well as connecting with the world. It is a domain that is continuously evolving, and whose full power has not yet been unleashed. I do thinkContinue reading “– Embracing The Web Creative Culture –”

The importance of creative leisures in my life

To me, creative leisures are an important part within my writing process, for it helps me to remain anchored into that creative state of mind, which expands my self-confidence as a writer/blogger.  Crafting, writing poetry or single lines, taking pictures, making graphics and vids, are all essential things for me to be doing in orderContinue reading “The importance of creative leisures in my life”

Nuance (A poem about Mauritius)

Nuance Warm red blood of the tropics Mingles into these lands Where sweats flood On different nuance of skins Upon which buds scents and flavors & all colors of all mainlands Child to earth Under our blue sky Nature ravishes our eyes Where through summer & through winter The evergreen scenic beaches Welcome on its curved shorelines The warming feelings ofContinue reading “Nuance (A poem about Mauritius)”

I Read Of Eternity – A Poem

Last Sunday I wrote a blog-post titled: my little bookcase, and for this week, I was inspired to write this lil’ poem about reading feels. I read of eternity Bookcases filled of phrases Bookshelves filled of elves Through these lands of magic And through these dreamy minds I read of eternity & of serendipity IContinue reading “I Read Of Eternity – A Poem”

– My Little Bookcase –

It house only those writings dear to my heart   My bookcase isn’t large nor prettily styled, but it stand in length–watching an ill-lighted corridor. My bookcase has no large panoplies of books sitting fancily on its 5 wooden shelves, but books, you know, I’ve read a lot – those that naturally found me atContinue reading “– My Little Bookcase –”