Happy Independence Day Mauritius

To write Nuance I inspired myself from the colours of the Mauritian flag - which is red, blue, yellow, and green🇲🇺.
Warm red blood of the tropics
Mingles with this land
Where sweats flood
On different nuance of skins
Upon which bud
Scents and flavours
And diverse colours 
From various mainland —
Children of earth
Under our blue sky
Nature ravishes our eyes
Where through summer
And throughout winter
The evergreen scenic beaches
Welcome on its curved shorelines
Happy people, happy hearts
Warmth, wild feelings
Festive, always smiling
Learning to grow out
From roots to roots
With the yellow radiant sun
That tans and pierces our skins
To revive our morphing skeleton, 
We soar under these skies
With love that fills our lungs
We shape these nights
And we shape these days
Coming together under that same sun
Through our disparities
We surrender
Under the land of our motherland
This green, volcanic landscape 
Filled with what’s exotic 
And with what’s endemic
Turn this land of love 
That place bathed in the sun
Into a vast mystical land
Filled with dreams and hopes 
That run across all-shores
To harmoniously join
The unified universal field.
The remnants of light as the sun goes down give to the sky its nuance