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Wild flowers trapped in water, black coffee to keep me awake – Emily Brontë’s poems are wondrous things

I Can’t Continue Like That

I’m mentally exhausted right now. I can’t continue like that. Without an editorial calendar, and without planning in advance what to write, I’m predestined to fail, I’m bound to let my housework, and as well as all of the other important things that I neglect to write, read, take photos, create social-media contents, pileup, I’m…

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Mixed media — vector of gold crown overlaid on the photograph of white flower-heads on a crumpled page of an old dictionary

Farewell To A Queen

Farewell To A Queen Dark skies look more beautiful When stars and the moon shine Within its chest full of dreams, And when the fragrance of flowers Floats on light wings heavenward The being comes down to find A rare and rough gem that shines Without polishing, without facets A queen who has the memories,…

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Smartphone showing blog posts, pastel pen, Mark Twain’s written on notebook, and coffee with milk on white background.
Thanks to blogging I’ve learned creative writing and photo styling

My Blogging Debut

Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great Mark Twain I don’t think that I’ve ever told you the story of my first encounter with the word ‘blog’. It was during the time when I was hunting for a work-from-home job on a local employment website that the job-post from a…

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Text, vector of flowering vine with thorns and quill pen on crumpled white paper.
Goad — something that forces someone to do something


On that day I abandoned you beside a flower-laden pathway that led to nowhere, where only the sky and the sun witnessed my afternoon despair. I ran away without looking back, fearing that my heart would fail me like it once did… when one fine morning I found you in my backyard, trembling amidst the…

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Evening shot of the silhouette of Le Morne Brabant mountain from La Prairie beach.

Mountaineering Vibe

Mountaineering vibe I have the mountaineering vibe I’m not afraid of the height Confident, I’ll slowly climb Thrilled, I’ll hold myself tight And if I’m trapped in landslides Surprised by unexpected threats Frightened that I might fall Then I’ll hold myself tighter To the cracks, edges, flakes And if needed, I’ll create, thrust With the…

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Strikethrough text beside undiluted red juice in crystal glass.
To make the blog more juicy and flowery, more lush, more likeable

Why I deleted these posts

While revising all of my blogposts I re-wrote and corrected many posts that needed clarity and editing, but I also deleted these old posts that were marred with nonsense, and that lacked strength and information. In ‘The Struggle is Real’ I felt that I wrote this piece from a place of angst, ignorance, and confusion;…

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Twin Peaks quote from Wikipedia on a smartphone beside a spiral diary with handwritten text.
Found interesting Twin Peaks quote on Wikipedia

My Lynchian Dreams — Like Twin Peaks

I wish that I could write stories or poems like David Lynch does. I wish that I could encapsulate the rawness of the subconscious as it runs free when creating. I wish I could effortlessly implement like David Lynch these dreamsical elements that can be only known by the subconscious… I wish I could seduce…

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View of sunlight flaring up a cloudy sky with yellow and gold from the beach.
Flic-en-flac beach. Mauritius.

Thoughts At Twilight Hours

When on Monday I went to the beach so as to change atmosphere and take some photos for this blog, I had a serendipitous encounter with the subliminal facet of nature — I faced the scenery of a magical glowing orange disc slowly setting at the horizon of the ocean… this magnificent view from the…

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Close up black and white vintage photo of buds and small flowers of a dandelion.
Added vintage effect to the dull photo of these dandelions – an inconsistency in my photo aesthetic

Inconsistent posting until September

Since the beginning of July I’ve been revising, editing, and proofreading all blogposts as well as the photos that I’ve published on this blog. I’m having a great deal of fun while going through all of these blogposts, as I imagine that I’m playing a type of brain game while editing. I’ve also laughed a…

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Ferns against a cloudy sky.
Sunday, July. 10, 2022

Under that sky of July

Forget the times of your distress, but never forget what they taught you. Herbert Gasser Under that sky of July I quietly moulted to become the woman that I’ve always dreamed to look like at my age — comprehensive, serene, joyful, confident, feeling secured, and grounded in reality.  I found again my heart in the…

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Cutouts of varieties of flowers behind the head of a black mannequin.
My representation of the process of thinking

To mentally plan in advance what I’ll be writing

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. William Arthur Ward I don’t have the time to sit down and plan my days in advance through lists and notes simply because I’m a very busy versatile stay-at-home-mom; thus, to be able to achieve my writing goals, I had to practice planning in advance in…

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white horse with shadow against background of different types of black butterflies on crumpled ground, and text
Horses and butterflies to represent freedom and the wilderness

Wild And Free

Wild And Free All of these souls That roam around free With their eyes close Still they see Through inner eye Within divine insights Upon heavy sky Flying with lights Abolished souls Tell me your finds I’m filled with faults Misinterpreting the signs Free my mind Lead me to escape To that one shrine That…

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