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Almost bare treetop branches with withered red leaves against blue sky.

May Fragments Of Thoughts

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. […] You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.” — Eleanor Roosevelt In the month of May, on this side of the world, summer begins to gently walk away to let the…

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cutout of a face and a giant seashell as hair, and yellow marguerite daisies placed on both eyes.


Withdrawal A withdrawal from the world, Within me I fully seek Of that hidden shining thing That moves within bodies, It operates so strangely I fear it’s quick eye movements For it kills and you won’t feel. A withdrawal from your shoreline My white foams forms an ocean I am myself more than ever before,…

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Cutout of bowl of clay set on a dark blue painting with gold dots.


Clay I used to abhor so many things Before my coming out of the dark Where I was asleep and hypnotised Secluded in a tight dark cell, recoiled Now that I think that winter and summer All seasons, things, happenings, are spells I mingle myself in dreams made by others I’m a wisp of smoke…

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Giant light bulb over torn paper of the sea filled with seagulls plunging in the ocean.


The sea covers my naked body. I’m a Lilliputian that watches with boggled eyes a giant glossy ship sailing in the fading light at horizon. The seashells in my mouth suddenly become grains of sands that instantly fill my throat to choke me. I suffocate in pain and tears while trying to grasp for air…

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New moon in a glowing sky at sunset with trees.

Miles To Go

While wondering about what to write for today, the last verse of the poem ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’, written by Robert Frost, suddenly appeared like a wandering cloud in the clear blue sky of my mind, and right away I knew that I had to dissect and reflect about these lovely words…

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Curved branches of trees against background of lit sky.

On Windy Days

On Windy Days On windy days The breeze carries The secrets of trees Their fastfull dreams And past memories of Woolly Mammoths Sabre-toothed tigers Gigantic butterflies Peculiar insects And strange-looking things. On windy days When trees sway I hear the trees murmur Of things that can’t be said In normal language understood But in the…

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Cutouts of a glass pitcher pouring the sentence do the best you can in a cup and saucer under a cloud.

Do Your Best

When you start doing something from scratch, something that you never did before, everything will be difficult at the beginning, mainly if you don’t have the right textbook that can guide you through steps and processes. You have to cling yourself tightly to this thing that you want to achieve with love, determination, patience, and…

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View of trees, green pasture, sky, and glowing horizon.

A Prayer To Nature

“All things by immortal power Near or far,  Hiddenly  To each other linkèd are,  That thou canst not stir a flower  Without troubling of a star.” — From ‘The mistress of vision’ by Francis Thompson. A Prayer To Nature Sleep and dream mama Sleep and dream beautiful dreams, Dream of unity for your children Dream…

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Making Sense Of Things While Writing

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper — W. B. Yeats To discover some things along the way while writing isn’t that strange, it is a form of self-taught education and self-discovery within the spectrum of autodidacticism, the obligation of the mind to arrange the words that’ll…

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Viridescence The emerald sea Rushing ashore Seaweeds Dancing above Green things Growing as skin Verdoyance Ruling this life. This viridescence Flows serenely Aquamarinous vibes So relaxing The greenish field So luxuriant My veins Of the colour of leaves. That naturescape Dominantly green Chlorophyll Such pepping pigment This greenliness Swirls into everness Your verdant heart Beats…

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blog extract written on torn notebook beside plants.


My day goes smooth and slow only when I do things that I like with complete freedom; when I’m alone with my thoughts, relaxed and musing in a little bubble of my own, seconds go by at the walking pace of a turtle, as everything around slows down for me to remain in this daydreaming…

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