– Project Gutenberg Is Perfect –

Free online library with panoplies of eBooks to feed all minds Note: I’ve juxtaposed Haikus about the abstract emotion felt when reading in between paragraphs. Consider this action as some sort of personal writing experiment — as to chase away the boredom of writing serious matters, knowingly that I have difficulties writing that which isContinue reading “– Project Gutenberg Is Perfect –”

– Metaphors For My Imagination –

I close my eyes and the night veil behind my eyes seems cold and lone, so I shut them a little bit more, letting my eyelids stretch out their skin. And right there, behind this curtainless path, phosphenes starts to dance, dotting the night, drawing the forms.   Clause Cott pushed the man beside her,Continue reading “– Metaphors For My Imagination –”

Beloved Mauri – A Poem

I will always deeply love Mauritius. My island lives over the sea  Can you see it floating over the ocean mist? My island roots beneath a deepening lagoon Can you see its veins streaking against the blue? The tropical summer heats our feelings But have you tasted the warmth of our winter? At night ourContinue reading “Beloved Mauri – A Poem”

Skinlike Hooves – Poetry

Today Mauritius is celebrating the 184th anniversary of the abolition of slavery And to stamp this day with my own words, I have decided to write a poem concerning all kind of captivity – particularly those that are still going on these days. To get the necessary inspiration, I’ve plunged myself into the personality ofContinue reading “Skinlike Hooves – Poetry”