Skinlike Hooves - Poetry

On 1 February 1835, slavery was abolished in Mauritius; I hope that deep within we all heal from the traumas of past lives. This poem is also dedicated to people who are actually suffering in the sadistic hands or clutch of any type of enslavers (drugs, abusers, etc).

Skinlike Hooves (The hands that strike are weak, while the ones who take the blows are strong)
Can you hear us,
Hidden at dusk
On a mournful soil
That’s filled with blood 
We dance to our own music
While breathing this spiteful air,
We soar into your atmosphere
And thicken this skin
That cloth our bones
Can you hear me,
Look at the scars 
That you've inflicted to my skin
I wear them like jewelries
That ornate my strong body
Like tattoos of guerrillas
Making me fierce and proud
Amongst all the mightiest of this world
Can you hear me,
You have unrooted my soul
From the depth of my core —
Hardening my will
Strengthening my bones
Thickening my skin like hooves
Thus enslavers
Since you've showed us captivity
Since you've showed us
The power of a master
I am now a soul set free 
A master to my own self
With a body as strong 
As the crust of this earth.

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