Added vintage effect to the dull photo of these dandelions – an inconsistency in my photo aesthetic

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Inconsistent posting until September

Since the beginning of July I’ve been revising, editing, and proofreading all blogposts as well as the photos that I’ve published on this blog. I’m having a great deal of fun while going through all of these blogposts, as I imagine that I’m playing a type of brain game while editing. I’ve also laughed a lot while reading all of my primary thoughts, which were blogposts where I whined a lot, that were biased, and incoherent.

But it takes so much time and concentration to go through all of these posts again that I feel that my creative energy is depleting, while I’m not even having the time to boost my writing enthusiasm through reading… thus I’m getting some difficulties writing fresh posts for now.

But I’m doing all of that so that my posts and this blog are finally up-to-date, and as well look a little bit more professional.

I’ve been also reorganising all of my computer files, organising posts for social medias, working on the aesthetic of my social feeds, and learning to make audio-clips.  

I’ve already revised all of my old poems and prose-poetry posts, so don’t hesitate to visit the archives to read all of them.

The revision for nonfiction and fiction are still ongoing, I hope to finish polishing these posts soon.

Catch you all up later, folks. Take care. Ba-bye👋

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