4 Tips For The Autodidact To Consider Before submitting That First Piece Of Writing

Writing is an art that you can almost master in a rather short period of time if practiced arduously and self-consciously. But before you can achieve this phase, loads of craps, and as well as loads of unintelligible sentences will bleed through your ink, as for you to finally be aware of what fits yourContinue reading “4 Tips For The Autodidact To Consider Before submitting That First Piece Of Writing”

I’m Letting All Go

Writing delivers you from all sorts of mentally tormenting situations. There is a strange and spooky action that is triggered when you write down your thoughts, your troubles, even your happiness. I’m letting all go I’m letting all go Of the weight that drowns me In a puddle of muddy water  I’m letting all go Continue reading “I’m Letting All Go”

Sentimental Epiphanies

Making memories from which we can extract beautiful stories, get inspired, but also to remember goodness and positivity in times when our moral is at its lowest. A picture, a season bathed in light, the sea, and our olfactory is set in motion. Sentimental Epiphanies Strange and odd and eerie Just like a season  I once knew,Continue reading “Sentimental Epiphanies”

Metaphorous Mind Matter

The dark is silence, sleep, calmness, and all those little lights, thoughts that travel, feelings and emotions, are what animates life – writing is lively. Metaphorous Mind Matter And in a heartbeat my ink it cried  Bleeding words, spilling it over Spilled ink on immaculate sheets, And like phosphorus beams  Something vibrant and colorful  Came toContinue reading “Metaphorous Mind Matter”

A typical day in the life of a stay@home mom that writes

5.10 a.m, the clock alarm on my nightstand signals me that it is time to get out of bed, but I am still tired, and the sun has not already risen into the sky. I don’t want to leave the comfort of his warm embrace, still, I have my duties, and mine start early onContinue reading “A typical day in the life of a stay@home mom that writes”

What Pushed Me To Write My First Book

“A mixture of serendipity, necessity, and to concretise a dream” Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. T.S Eliot (Poet and Playwright) According to the online dictionary Merriam Webster ‘serendipity’ means ‘the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought after’. AndContinue reading “What Pushed Me To Write My First Book”