My Poems

Digital Phantasium

Pitched black ink typed to come alive through my screen

Where the glowish pixels materialise through my alphanumericals

So as to set free the creatures that fill my phantasium

There where they roam wildly Inside of my imaginarium;

Through my introscopic mind, fueled by thee realism

Titulars of the lights and of the darkening hours

Folds away inside each others, like perpendiculars towards a reality

That seems lost and blue into far fetched darkness;

And it was as if my imaginarium and I were one

With the digits of another dimension

Dancing with each other into spaces unseen to the eyes.

By Eiravel

I am an independent creative author (self-taught autodidact), who lives on the island of Mauritius. I've self-published a metaphysical science-fiction novel (Darcocyte); and I am currently writing a poetry book. I am a very passionate person, who loves reading beautiful sentences; I am also a great cinephile, music lover, and a lover of everything aesthetic and artistic. For my personal creative leisure, I love to craft, blog & write poetry, and this, all the while taking care of my children.

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