Digital Phantasium

Digital Phantasium
My screen is a magical interface, light, bright
I type words I want and zeroes and ones become bits
Bits become stories, poems, a drawing, pictures
Thoughts and ideas animate live in the digital world
What I want and dream come alive through my screen.
I manipulate a little brain with my fingers, typing 
Their tips touching the alphanumerical keyboard 
So as to set free creatures that live in my mind
There where they roam wildly, inside, wandering
Through this maze in my head, this mind of mine.
Titulars of the lights and of the darkening hours
Folds away inside each other wonderfully 
Like perpendiculars heading towards a reality
That seem lost and blue into far fetched darkness
And from clouds now arise new bits and pieces. 
And it was as if my imagination and these digits
Danced with each other in spaces unseen to the eyes
Made love through currents and waves and particles
Electrifying to animate and set things in motion
Creating a unique world, that digital phantasium.

I will always wonder how my life would have looked like if I had not fallen in love with e-writing.

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