Unbearable Heatwaves🥵

Fiery sun flaring in the sky Don’t consume yourself too much For you might die from exhaustion. Each time I move droplets of sweats cascade from my forehead and neck, an unbearable heat has taken over the weather and the breeze and warmth… this summer oppresses. This January’s sun is a pitiless fiery creature, whoseContinue reading “Unbearable Heatwaves🥵”

I’ll Go With The Flow 

The world breaks everyone, and afterward many are strong in the broken places. Ernest Hemingway Rivers overflow during heavy rainfalls, flow gently when the weather is calm, dry up during droughts, and all living creatures need to adapt to the ever-changing moods of an unpredictable nature… we all need to go with the flow, takeContinue reading “I’ll Go With The Flow “

To Be Love-inspired 

Tonight, we’ll escape my love Out of this town Up in the clouds There where our house awaits Since immemorial times For our bodies of love. (excerpt from my upcoming poetry ebook) Rise and shine with an aura of love, say I love you to birds, trees, flowers, to the sky, to the clouds; sayContinue reading “To Be Love-inspired “

Bits of thoughts from a shattered heart

Its patience; my impatience A river runs deep inside of me. And it takes its source from the mountain of my mind. It slowly flows, streams patiently, and on its course it engulfs some water creatures, some aquatic plants, and loads of pebbles and soil, and this, all the while I sit on its bank,Continue reading “Bits of thoughts from a shattered heart”

Writing abates the storm in my heart

“Wind, blow through me, and lend me your memories while I write, to abate the storm that rages in your heart; to calm down the fury in my heart.” Writing abates the storm that often rages in my heart — like frustrations, anxieties, sadness, anger, unacceptance, incomprehensiveness, and all of these other emotional disasters thatContinue reading “Writing abates the storm in my heart”

Metaphorical And Fanciful

The poetic genre I love When earth shakes, do snakes escape from its mouth? while all roots unroot from the soil? — how can I, the author of this sentence, be surprised by what I’ve written on my own… is it my natural ability to observe from another’s perception that brings me to that conclusion?Continue reading “Metaphorical And Fanciful”