It’s raining

It’s raining cats and dogs; thunder-strikes make my heart tremble.

Outside pools of rainwater everywhere.

A drenched schoolboy walk at ease in that pouring rain… who doesn’t love to get wet when it’s rainy, I then think; but still, the heat persists.

That sudden downpour of rainfall strangely appeased my heart today… because since this morning a morose type of feeling had suddenly taken up my mind; and again some doubts about what I’m actually doing crept in, and again my fear of the future assailed me in the worst ways — capricious and bipolar, just like these unpredictable weather situations of these last months.

Rain gutter.

Vampiric mosquitoes have not been crushed under the rain, they’re still thirsty for my sweet blood. My legs are dotted red, scratching; and again with that rain which has infiltrated everywhere, surely they’ll multiply into the stagnant accumulated water.

Today the jackpot of the lotto is about 40 millions, but I know that I’ll never win that much, I have started to lose hope about money gains. And then, what if I win😅… you’ll never see me again, eeevvvveeerrr… my heart is way too broken, the hassle is way too hard… though I like writing… 🤔 yes, I’ll stay, I’ll stay because I love to write… I’ll set up a prize… yess, a beautiful price for those like me that are determined, but that can’t seem to find that light at the end of the tunnel.

I think that the sound of the rain has appeased me in some sort of the way. Perhaps I’m more determined to write on the go, like now, so as to ameliorate my writing and editing skills, or is it for SEO purposes? I don’t know… will I be able to blog these little snippets of my life and thoughts every day? I really don’t know…

But it’s a personal blog, a diary, a journal, a log entry… so why not publish these on-the-go thoughts here, instead of ruminating them in my mind, or even letting them fly away in the ephemeral hours of life.

I want to try, but I don’t want it to become a burden… if I want to write and publish here, I’ll write and publish, and if I don’t want too, I guess that’s fine too… capricious and bipolar, just like this strange weather.

Also, do you think that I’ll need to give each one of these random blogpost a title? Do journal entries have titles and pictures🧐 Well… it’s a blog, it’s online, then yes, titles are necessary, even for fleeting articles like these. But I won’t make it a fuss if titles and pictures don’t fit the frame of my thoughts.

Now I’ll hit publish, after only one read, and slight polishing. I really don’t know if all of this will appear as being too amateurish, or even lesser… but it’s a diary, some on-the-go thoughts, some bits of my turbulent life. Don’t have time to perfect these sentences.

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