Twenty Twenty One

It’s a bright new year🎉

Exactly, twenty twenty-one

It came out from twenty twenty

A year that we shall forever remember

A year of transition, of shift

The point in time the door opened

For the future to creep in deep

Without us even realizing the deed

Too busy with pandemics and threats

Apocalyptic hues burning the sky

Might be the universe upgrading

Who will ever know about the scheme

Perhaps a spell, perhaps a curse

A strange type of madness that took over.

Hence, to all that silently departed

On that spaceship that had been waiting

That hovered silently, being on standby

To all that have collapsed on the ground

And hurt themselves so badly, achingly

My heart follows them, they carry me.

It’s a bright new year

Exactly, twenty twenty-one

Perhaps we leaped in time

To erase from our fragile memory

The traumatism of twenty twenty

All of the scars it left on us

When Pandora opened her jar.

It’s a bright new year

Exactly, twenty twenty-one

And I hope, we all make it safely.

Firecrackers in the night sky

This time, compared to my former New Year’s poems, I tried to dig within the speculation realm as to come up with this poem, for it seems that all of the bad energies, from every plane and every dimension, crossed/converged/synergised at that point in time, which was 2020. How strange, beautiful, but also frightening to find these lone stars/planets/light or whatever else travel such long distances as to meet, to intersect, to harmonise, to unite, as on their way they shackle and trouble us, little mere mortals (I love me some astrology🔮).


A Cycle Ends – A Poem For This New Year

And about the challenge I faced to write it
2020 Wall art with handwritten poem, calendar, and flowers
All stars and planets concinnate,
Of course, it’s the end of a twelve months cycle
A fickle cycle that started twenty years back
Do you remember what occurs?
You were new born in a shinny cradle
Your eyes, as dark as this void
Your heart, as empty as the nothingness
Yet, you are the monarch that’s to be
Yet, you will yield the scepter for the coming decade
Do you remember what occurs?
You had to downpour yourself wide
Living wanderlust among gypsies and mystics
Trying to catch an understanding of the outrageous
Seeking on your own to find your galaxy path
Do you remember what occurs?
This whole block was your playground
Upheaval of intense emotional arousing;
The pathway less travelled, with traps – enigmatic
Your eyes, it matured, your self, it expanded
Do you remember what occurs?
After the birth, the learning and the curiousness
After the knowledge, the chrysalis and the decisions
After you were pupae form, hungry, you were the devourer
Do you remember what occurs?
Now, full formed, matured, with wings to fly
Cycles within inner circles as to grow;
Years to yonder on the wild side of life
Yearning and learning for that understandment
Now, you remember, don’t you?
Now that it’s the end, we all cheer to a new reign
Feasting, with the new decade’s monarch
Crying, over a past that will never return –
Everything’s ready for this world to unfold
But you, do you remember these occurrences?
It is quite challenging for me to creatively come up with something for an important calendar celebration, or even to write a piece for important events; where in these cases, I find myself struggling to translate my emotions and thoughts on the subject matter. These subjects are so sensitive, that most of the time I give up writing what I want to convey on those important matters.
When I write a piece, I want to sense the freedom of joyfully creating, and not feel the tension that arises from the fear of badly, or even awkwardly, wrap up my thoughts in my work. And this is what exactly happened while trying to come up with a poem for the New Year – I had difficulties to express the deepness of my thoughts in the most creative and liberating way, where sometimes the fear of ill-interpreting the subject made me doubt to continue writing further, and where at other times, my doubts aroused out of the fear that the written piece was too prosaic – too dull to the escaping imaginaire of the reader.
Have to say that I love to read obscure poems – pieces that seem like a mess to some, but that stir my imagination in a strange and vivid way, where it seems to make connection to my subconscious state of mind. Thus, when I write, I expect the poem to be cloaked in these metaphors and emotions, that I love and feel while reading the artworks of other authors, but where unfortunately for me, I struggle a lot to creatively convey subjects that are ingrained and grounded in this reality. And I guess that it will always be a challenge for me to write about these subject matters, but challenge, that I will always gladly try to overcome.
So, happy 2020 to all of you, and best wishes for the coming year – even though there is a cyclone warning, here in Mauritius.
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A Renewed Year

What a strange year it was… wouldn’t you agree?

My companion good’bye
It’s been a while
  Since we’ve made this world worthwhile
As we roam into the wild
Believing that stars dreamt out wide
The world begin within an insight
Unfragile and dubefied
Our hearts deknot
And we are free again
Moving as fast as bright lights
Coming to us in plain sight
No more cries
No more fights
No more lies
Estranged year, strangling days
      We’ve robbed a secret from Lucius
He went to stone and dust
After the grand shift
Moon blued and blooded
The cosmos cracked
And the dark knights fled in
Zombies – fairies – species – aliens
All went down, they crashed
Meteoroids angered – I crooked
It took over – He’s here
 She’s here – It’s here
So cheers to a new year
    Renewals, rebirth
Where the lights are born again
    From the cradle of the night.