About Me

  • Name: C.V.C.C.Y.M
  • Pen-name: Eiravel
  • Occupation: Creative Writer.
  • Book published: Darcocyte (Genre: Metaphysical Science-fiction)
  • Location: Somewhere in the East-West of the island of Mauritius.
  • Status: Married.
  • Interests: Writing fiction/poems, reading, blogging, crafting, making digital cards, word-graphics, collage, dadaism, music, movies, television, surfing the net, science mysticism, contemplation, fashion, aesthetics, daydreaming, thinking, imaging, musing, formulations, analysing, creating, envisioning, literary arts, anthropomorphism, mythologies, other-worldly things, abstract symbolism, and imaginative immersions.
  • Character: Passionate, individualist, creative, self-determined, self-motivated, enthusiastic, non-conformist, autodidact, autotelic, self-reliant, eclectic (Yep…loads of self and auto here 😔)
  • Main everyday activities: Writing my first novel & poetry book looking for the right platform to sell my works and eventually make money, learning my way towards independentship, building my online presence, musing and writing blog posts/online contents, parenting.

To summarise my dive into the digital cauldron, I need to rewind my mind till the famous years where I was trying to improve my ICT skills; attempting to get a work-from-home-job.

Yep, that’s not a very pretty period of my life, but it was from all these hard lessons learned on my own, permeated with the instinct that I shouldn’t quit — but instead to keep pushing forward — that I finally found my field of study and predilection, which concern my prime interests, that is, writing, imagining, and enjoying reading aesthetic words.
Aaannnnddd… fast forward six years later, with a solid rock determination and steel-like-motivation, I am currently plunged into the last re-writing phase of my books, all the while blogging, and pathing my way towards working independently.

I am thinking seriously to go the extra miles, and this, no matter how hard and fearsome this try is.

Moreover, I have taken advantage of the digital system at hand, as to teach myself some of the main rules concerning eWriting, content creation, social-medias interactions, and internet basics, whilst I use the various visual and audible contents poured online as to inspire myself to write.

Have to say that without my great interest for words and the emotions they provoke in me (Yep, I am a logophile), and as well as my fascination for writers/authors of fiction, I would have never hazard myself on such a difficult lane.

About my pen-name, Eiravel

Eiravel, which is an anagram of my own name — represents for me a journey undertaken to materialize a dream; an experience, something impregnated with my own essence. I have always been fascinated by the virtual and fictional world, thus, as the digital world is my everyday working tool, I decided to fabricate an alternate name.

Copyright 2022. All rights reserved. This is a personal blog, thus, unless stated otherwise, all photos were taken by me, stories and poems written by me.