About Me

  • Name: C.V.C.C.Y.M
  • Pen-name: Eiravel (Why I Use a Pen-name)
  • Occupation: Independent Creative Writer.
  • Books published: Darcocyte, Lovenotes, Soft Lands, They were the winds.
  • Location: Somewhere in the East-West of the island of Mauritius.
  • Status: Married. Mother of two.
  • Interests: Writing fiction/poems, reading, blogging, crafting, making digital cards, word-graphics, collage, music, movies, television, surfing the net, science mysticism, contemplation, fashion, aesthetics, daydreaming, thinking, imaging, musing, formulations, analysing, creating, envisioning, literary arts, anthropomorphism, mythologies, other-worldly things, abstract symbolism, and imaginative immersions.
  • Character: Passionate, individualist, creative, self-determined, self-motivated, enthusiastic, non-conformist, autodidact, autotelic, self-reliant, eclectic (Yep…loads of self and auto here 😔)
  • Main everyday activities: Writing my first novel & poetry book, looking for the right platform to sell my works and eventually make money, learning my way towards independentship, building my online presence, musing and writing blog posts/online contents, parenting.

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