Blossoming Through Writing

Express yourself, don’t repress yourself.”

From the song ‘Human Nature’, by Madonna

To blossom in life one needs to be able to freely express feelings, thoughts, and ideas in pacific artistic ways, and where I believe that expressing oneself through writing is within everyone’s reach, for all you have to do is write whatever you want, with anything you can write with, and this, on everything you want to.  

To write is a universal right in itself, for concretisation of what’s internal is the basic of existence… what’s inside needs to come out, and what’s outside needs to come in, so as to maintain the equilibrium that governs life; thus writing can help us, I believe, to reach that level of understanding that will make us function more properly on a balanced level, and even, help us reach our potential.

If we all could be writers, I’m sure that the world would be a far better place, a more relatable and familiar space.

The journey is the reward.

Chinese proverb

Through writing anyone can easily spill their gut, or easily take off from their chest anything that gnaws from the inside. What matters, what really matters so as for us to keep our sanity, is to peacefully exteriorise what has been repressed inside before that we explode, and unconsciously or uncontrollably take it out and harm others, or even ourself. Everything that we keep inside, the silence we keep, all of that distress, shame, desires, secrets, internal wounds, sadness, can be thrown away through words jotted down.

That’s why writing can be so therapeutic for the tortured soul and the heavy burdened heart, for something tangible comes out from this internal voice, something concrete, that if you want and need to, can be analysed, scrutinised, studied, arranged in a more logical way, so as to gain a deeper understanding of life — writing then becomes a game of clues that keeps the vivacious mind entertained. I myself would have never found the needed words to express the benefits of writing through this blog if I hadn’t experienced it as it really is; if I had never realised or opened my eyes or see past my ego, I would have never been inspired to write a ‘why write’ series, which is a process that help my own self to better understand why I do what I’m doing, thing which sweeten the bitterness once felt when I began.

The journey is the reward… a reward, that I’ve expected in terms of immediate financial gains and professional networking without taking into consideration my computer illiteracy, my internet inexperience, my poor writing English skills and business flair, without taking into consideration that I was starting from scratch, and that… what’s durable takes time to blossom. And indeed, if today I’m still here, writing my way towards the narrative of my own fulfillments, it’s because I’ve been rewarded, through my own efforts, with the ability to understand and achieve, to blossom in almost every area of my life. Today it doesn’t matter anymore if I don’t make it here, simply because so many other doors have been unlocked thanks to writing… which has been the best life-training that I ever had. I’ve been able to work through and resolve so many personal issues. I’ve been able to let go, and where now I’m starting to seriously consider other routes.

“Expressing myself through writing has set free so many thoughts and ideas in me that today I’m not anymore the person that I used to be yesterday.”

Writing can be done at random on sheet of papers that you significantly burn, drown or tear (like I do), or in a locked diary, a secret space, or writing can also be done for the sake of writing, only because you love words and want to write down your own stories, thoughts, and poems… but as many of us know it so well, writing is an act that stirs, shakes, touches, and moves our soul so profoundly, that this dormant creative force awakens to help us create more, a process that helps us to create ourself.

Expressing myself through writing has set free so many thoughts and ideas in me that today I’m not anymore the person that I used to be yesterday. I’ve shed my former skin, underwent a sort of metamorphosis, and the question is, am I still inside the chrysalis, or am I already a butterfly; am I still a bud, or have I bloomed to become a flower.

So much understanding has been achieved through writing, through writing in serious ways I mean; through blogging, with a reading audience in mind, professionally. If I had only written for me like I formerly did in my diaries, only vomiting ache and spitting anger, I would have never been more thoughtful about the words I choose to form the right sentences that properly conveys my innermost thoughts.

Yes, I say to all of you here, in my most humble voice, that I’ve blossomed through writing, and that in spite all of the challenges that I need to overcome, I know that I’ll continue to blossom… look at me! Everything that I’m becoming is thanks to writing, and I hope that you too, dear reader, you find your own creative path that will help you expand your consciousness and grow, so as to live a fulfilling life.

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