Wild And Free

All of these souls 
That roam around free
With their eyes close 
Still they see
Through inner eye 
Within divine insights
Upon heavy sky
Flying with lights

Abolished souls 
Tell me your finds
I’m filled with faults
Misinterpreting the signs

Free my mind
Lead me to escape
To that one shrine
That has no shape

Your bodies shine
Oh loved ones
Your souls lit bright
Fierceless all at once

Show me liberation
And how to really love
Undergoing elevation
Flying like a dove
Swimming in your sea
Burying my grief
Saying goodbye to misery
As to finally breathe and be.


Mental liberation, this letting go, that creative endeavour, the matchless pursuit of living a fulfilled life… to be a beautiful stallion or mare running in the wilderness, or any other beautiful creature grazing peacefully on a verdant hill… to be whatever and whoever we want to be in life.