Every day I need to sweep
All the detritus of yesterday
So that I might clearly see
So that I might easily reach
For the truth that hides in plain sight;
A truth that’s so beautiful 
That I fall in love over and over again,
A truth that glows so intensely 
That it burns my eyes deeply,
Such an addictive truth
That I become a truth addict
Thus I take an abrasive sponge
To rigorously rub my skin
And to wipe my eyes clean 
So that I might see clearer —
Without any thick filters
That veil my opened eyes
Every day I search for the purity
That will set my self free 
From the lies I tell to myself
From the lies that blind all of us
Thus everyday I sweep away
The impurities stuck to my skin
For within the dirt, the murk, the grim
I can’t see that which is pure and noble,
Thus, my eyes crystal clear
I now can see these neon lights.


To practice writing poetry I use words from the dictionary, and for this poem the one-word prompt was ‘abrasive’, which was not an easy one to write about. But then I was researching about some facts for a sci-fi story, and that’s when I fell on the term ‘noble gas’, and from there something clicked in me, and this little poem was born.

I want to see more clearly, have a more noble heart, understand how it works, know the whole truth, for only the truth can set free.


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