The Colours Of Our Dream

That’s the second year that our children won’t chant and glorify in unison our national anthem for the independence day of Mauritius. Things have worsened here, the coronavirus has suddenly spread, and everyday there are more people that are being tested positive. We’ve got the vaccines, but not many people did it in time. So,Continue reading “The Colours Of Our Dream”

That’s What Women Are

Happy Women’s day. I hope that all women secretly thinks alike, and that this poem – compared to women, I compare thee, and brave womanhood, drools with the quintessence of women’s sensuality, and as well as women’s yearnings. That’s What Women Are Big bright stars in space A large shinny crown on our head Sitting,Continue reading “That’s What Women Are”

Of Belonging

“I wanted to embody the emotions I feel about ‘abandonment’, the word that I’ve chosen so as to write this poem.” Of Belonging Abandonment, what a sad wordFor the living and this world Everyday something is tossed away Without chance of returning someday Winds blow and rivers streamWhile every creature dreams Of belonging, of beingContinue reading “Of Belonging”

Silver lines in the sky

Silver Lines In The Sky Peace came home, to meWhile I laid in my bedThinking, of silver lines in the sky,They were dancing oh so freelyWhile they brightly burned their light T’was morning, birds were singing merrilyWhen peace came home, to meClothed of silver lines, that shone brightlySuch elegance, it appeased my heartSuch emmited spark,Continue reading “Silver lines in the sky”

Everything that I might be

Existence and the self fascinate me; I’m obsessed by all of these layers that seem to shrink inside the smallest dot that might be. Everything that I might be Though able-bodied, I feel this incapacity The incapacity to shake myself up Right from the start, when the sun rises For I wake up to forget,Continue reading “Everything that I might be”

Our Anthurium Like Heart

I think that the anthurium plant is an interesting metaphor to describe the human race…don’t you think so? If you see the uniqueness, if you see beauty, if you see intelligence, if you see the richness, if you see the love in everybody else, then you’ll be beautiful, you’ll be intelligent, you’ll be rich, you’llContinue reading “Our Anthurium Like Heart”