Mountaineering Vibe

Mountaineering vibe
I have the mountaineering vibe
I’m not afraid of the height
Confident, I’ll slowly climb
Thrilled, I’ll hold myself tight
And if I’m trapped in landslides
Surprised by unexpected threats
Frightened that I might fall
Then I’ll hold myself tighter
To the cracks, edges, flakes
And if needed, I’ll create, thrust
With the force of my head and fists
Openings in these steep walls
For me to hide for some time,
And if they push me, ensnare me
Cut my chord, wreck my confidence
I’ll learn free climbing, I’ll fall 
In the most wonderful way to come back 
Then I’ll show to them all 
The real face of a mountain climber, 
And when tired, I’ll anchor myself
Remain suspended with my eyes closed
Until my mountaineering vibe rises again,
And when I’ll finally reach the summit
I’ll cry at the view of the glistening of seas
And of the tiny lights that escape from cities,
It will be a 360 degrees view from the top
Then this gentle free fall, for next day 
More skilled than I have been yesterday
More precise, more experienced, more at ease 
I’ll be ready to conquer another wall
Of the mountain that faced me.

The mountains are calling, and I must go.

John Muir

I have great respect for mountain climbers, as well as for any other dedicated sportsperson, especially those who practice free solo mountain climbing. I’m always fascinated, awestruck, and inspired each time I watch the remarkable and incredible ascension of these passionate and diligent climbers, for they give us proof of the real capacities and abilities of the human kind, they teach us how to surpass our limits, they inspire greatness, transcendence, and a love for over-achievement.

That precision, that complete focus mode and cool attitude, this never giving up mindset, that fearlessness in front of danger, the taming of the mind and body through practice, that unshaken determination, this training of the senses, body, and mind to make one with the mountain, and to reach the sky — all of these reasons inspire me to continue pushing the limits of my mind, to continue practicing, because one day, for sure, I will get there.

The climbing of a tall mountain is a wonderful metaphor for the obstacles and difficulties that stand in our way, and we all have the choice to decide whether we want or need to contour it, to learn how to climb it, to go free solo climbing or climb in group and with security equipments, to abandon half-way or to continue until we reach the summit, to battle our way up or to either go up at our own pace, or to climb that tall mountain with the want to conquer, a want to challenge oneself, the need for satisfaction, that want to get better, to get stronger, to heal, to expand our knowledge, to grow, to live a fulfilled life.

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