This mind of mine is a sponge
That’s thirsty and hungry
For a type of esoteric knowledge
That would set me free from the mundane
Here to solve the mysteries of this life
My brain absorbs through my six senses
Clues that emanate from my environment
All hidden in plain sight, behind eyes
I go on solving these strange life puzzle
To unlock a new level of the game I play
My reward, assertion of my will, freely, and
The liberation of my imprisoned mind
I’m like the flower that absorbs sunlight
In the hours when everything unravels 
At the touch of the ravishing day
Where I contemplate, and jubilate in silence
And as soon as the night enters the scene 
I close my eyes to let the void sink in
I think of nothing, letting my brain rest,
A chance for my mind to re-set peacefully
And when I’m full with the beauty I’ve absorbed
Energised and vitalised after a tranquil rest
I find myself walking on an insightful pathway
Where I can see everything clearly, with new eyes
Perhaps, I’m light that falls on Earth to die
Leaving memories and clues about a life 
And you found my memories on a day 
When this brain of yours absorbed my light.

I used the word ‘absorb’ as prompt for this poem, where I tried as much as possible to translate in words the first level of my creative process — which is to absorb, through contemplation, beauty that emanates from nature; afterwards to close my eyes and clear my head of all thoughts, and then to start writing, or to think about what to write, or to come up with photo ideas for my posts. 

“We are a way for the cosmos to know itself,” Carl Sagan once wrote, and where the second and third stanza of this poem are reflections on my own thoughts about the greatest question that most of us ask to ourselves, that is, ‘why are we here?’.

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