A Daring Endeavour

I started to write and blog from scratch. I started to write when my English vocabulary was very poor; I started to write when I was still making lots of grammatical mistakes. 

I started to write my first book when I didn’t know anything about writing, nor how to use writing softwares. 

I started to blog when I didn’t know a damn thing about how to use CMS (content managing system); I was not at all tech savvy, hadn’t learned anything about digital designations, or even how to use all of these online tools. I started to blog when I didn’t know anything about blogging. I started it all when I didn’t even know what I was really doing. I had to teach myself everything about the craft of creative writing and self-promoting online, and where I’m still on that process of learning and practicing, which I think will never end, knowingly that the digital space is a very fickle area where constant changes are always happening, for there are still so many rooms for improvements. 

To get to my destination I turtleishly sail under an unpredictable sky, on fickle oceans filled with sharks and pirates and other frightening creatures, while learning from all of my mistakes, griping myself tightly to my determination, and trying to not lose sight of my objectives. 

I do my best to achieve what I need to achieve, I do my best to thrive amidst such a daring endeavour.

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.


I think that anyone else who would have been in my place would have quit writing or blogging long time ago. But I have the needed and necessary courage to continue because audaciousness is something that is deeply engraved in my DNA… I’m completely made up of musicians, hawkers, artisans, artists, hustling people, multi-talented people, solopreneurs, free-spirits, thus, I already know what awaits me in this type of job, I know how it works.

Yes I cry, make lots of drama, go through moments of stress, anxieties, doubts, and fits of anger when I’m unable to understand how to do that thing properly, when I can’t seem to understand why what I’m doing isn’t working, or even when I don’t have control over that something. My main weakness here is when I’m unable to overcome my own challenges.

But if I didn’t dare to start writing and blogging, and that if I had quit each time things turned out to be difficult, I would have never been able to make up my mind about writing; I could never have known that with time—through practicing my writing skills and reading a lot—I would be able to concretise through words feelings and thoughts so as to share on a network; and where I dare to dream, that perhaps one day, countless number of people will appreciate reading these bits of my life, my poems, and stories. 

If I didn’t dare to start writing and blogging I also would never have known that little by little things would have become a little bit easier for me.

I still have to practice my editing skills, but I can now easily come up with about-what-to-write ideas; I still write very slowly, but I can now more easily express myself; I still haven’t unlock my online marketing potentials, but I now understand a little bit better digital jargons and terms.

There’s so much more that I need to learn, so much writing errors that I need to correct, so much content that I need to create for this blog and for my social-media feeds; there’s so much things that I need to do, but I won’t quit, at least not until I found answers about why I will really need to abandon everything that I did till now; until then, I dare to continue doing what I’m passionate about, eager to know which shore my boat will reach.


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