A withdrawal from the world,
Within me I fully seek
Of that hidden shining thing
That moves within bodies,
It operates so strangely
I fear it’s quick eye movements
For it kills and you won’t feel.

A withdrawal from your shoreline
My white foams forms an ocean
I am myself more than ever before,
I ate the secret, it digested it,
You can’t see past that darkness
The veil upon your eyes makes you blind
And you withdraw till our corner of light.

I have a wand in my hand while wondering
If I am sane enough to be human
Or if am mad enough to be an alien,
I withdraw to seek for answers
But your grip always tighten the words
That will fly in my mind like birds
And your lies become that sea of confusion 
In which I drown, thus, I won’t seek further
For I ate the secret, and you digested it.



Just another old poem that I retrieved from my old exercise book. And another Dadaesque mixed-media that I made on  the theme of dreams, which is a girl with a giant seashell as hair with that one eye in the middle, and eyes hidden with fresh marguerite daisies.

Also, I think that I’ve chosen this particular poem because all that I really want to do is withdraw away so as to watch television😅.