Blooming October
It’s the month of October
And my blue flowers 
Are finally blooming
As for my little heart
It became a form of art
So worthy of admiring
And my words escaped
Till that wide starscape
To be forever shining 
I’m in love with my life
Thus cut these lines with a knife
I’m now in space, wandering
Winter season milds
And all of my summer dreams
Start flowering, I’m breathing
I kissed death tenderly
As I purged myself wilfully
I’m now a liberated being
Today 1st October I realised
That my body was never really mine
It was, a place full of hauntings
My house was full of ghosts
See, I was a simple little host
Carrying all of these things
And love was never on my mind
I was only trying to find
Means to fulfill my dreamings
In me that thing has grown
And we’ll swallow it all
For I’m a galaxy, swirling
And on this month of October
I’ll be a blue plumbago flower
Pluck me, I’m flowering
I’m away for now
As I’m trying to learn how
To remain consistent, organising
And this is how it ends
This October’s poem —
In blue, blooming.
Blue plumbago with various birds chirping in the background

Finally, October. While taking photos of my flowering blue plumbago I was inspired to write this poem yesterday. Have to say that I’ve been reorganising everything lately — files, photos, documents, my social-media feeds, a never ending chore… I’m so eager to blog again, I miss corresponding with all of you.