A Letter To .......
We are merry-go-rounds floating above the ground
Little shingles shining in the night
Foams too, escaping till the landscape
We are closed cities, but still so pretty
Sending kisses, far away, to another galaxy,
We used to bump each other’s head with bones of Mammoths,
But embraced mechanic, became megalomaniac, and created weapons
We are addicted and addictive creatures
Easily sprinkled with made up dreams,
We are cells filled with filthiness, excess of fats, sugar and salt
With scars that’s hidden deeply, oh so deep
We pretend that we know, but to fend a coconut is knowledge too,
Some of us dream to remain naked all day long
While others, on the other hand, dream of prudery
We are fragile beings, easily infected, easily affected, ruled 
By planets, pathogens, tides, by other beings, and more,
Yet we pretend that we are superior beings —
The dream of ruling never leaving the mind of some of us
Our cutesome babies giggle and cry out loud
And we are able to love and care with all of our heart,
We still don’t know who we are, what we are, and where we are 
For we are all affected by amnesia when morning comes
Our species is a very clever one, but not yet very intelligent,
Way too material, unaware of what is energy, the force —
Thus we burn and break while we learn, while we search
We’ve been able to materialise these blurry shapes,
To connect some of these dots, to materialise reality,
Slowly but surely we’re coming to know ourselves
Little by little realising who we really are inside and outside
We are filled with flaws, vanity, and most of the time disoriented,
We are vermines, vandals, eternally unsatisfied beings,
We do get easily angry, forgetting that we are free to be
Yet, we are still beautiful, amazing, and worthy, you know —
Such fascinating living creatures who love to dance, sing 
Who love to write poems and forgotten stories of us, draw, paint
Though unaware of the soul connection, though amnesiacs
We are just everything coming from everywhere; we are
One of a kind, a beautiful find, called, the human race.

I would have never thought that the world would be facing such difficult times because of the spread of a mortal virus; and that’s when I wish that there was really something magical that lived in the sky, and that could guide, guard, and watch over us all.