Metaphorical And Fanciful

When earth shakes, do snakes escape from its mouth while all roots unroot from the soil? ― a metaphor I’ve used here to represent change.

A crack, an opening, the underground, these catacombs ― a metaphor I’ve used here to represent sadness.

The sea joins the shoreline to give birth to an oneiric landscape ― a metaphor for the imagination.

Fanciful and metaphorical, these are adjectives that I like to perceive through my writings, because these type of work best resonate with me; if done well, my heart will beat faster, while a thrilling sensation makes its way through my mind.

When I write poems I want the world to flow through me, for the world is a mystery, an ever floating debris of emotions. And this is what I want to transcribe when I write… these emotions that move me, and that can take so many forms through words that I use to construct sentences. 

I like my fancy to be tickled, thus try as much as possible to construct fanciful worlds. I like metaphors, because they have a pint of decadence and surrealism that naturally resonate with me, and that’s why I like to structure my poems and prose-poems in a metaphorical way.

What’s fanciful and metaphorical comes naturally to me as I write; nothing is forced on me, I just write what I feel on the moment, and that’s how writing and editing becomes pleasurable to me.

I discard and disregard nothing; I like to remain truthful to my thoughts and feelings, and as well as to the visions that arise in my imagination. I want to write about everything that my inner world holds.

All types of creative-work or artworks are opened to every kind of interpretation, and that’s the beauty of creativity, and that’s how I fell in love with poetry ― because of the fancy metaphors, because of the surreal and flowery languages and imagery used ― all of these shatter my inner world, captivate my inner senses.

When I read poems and fiction, I want to feel the thrill, taste the forbidden, mindscape into another dimension of existence; I want the surreal to wrap me up in the dreamsical pit of the author’s mind, metaphorically.

That’s why I write how I write, for not bound by suppression I’m free to express in my own way and words the beauty that dwell in my inner world. I want you to look at the other side of my mirror and perceive what I see and feel metaphorically, my own aesthetic ― rough and unedited, flowery; I choose the creative and artistic shape of things to quench my curiosity about living, for living itself is an art.

Being who I am, I am unable to write about subjects that I’m not drawn to, or even write in the academic style, intellectually. I’m not practicing the craft so as to write neatly and perfectly… I’m a creative writer, and creative writers write creatively, thus my focus on gaining the ability to style my sentences in a way that reflects my inner and external world.

Do my poems echo back emotions, that inner voice that scream from the depth of my imagination; or are they movie projectors that display the surreal fancy metaphors that populate my mind?

Being aware of so many things, I can easily understand why something attracts my attention and catch my eyes; I know all the little details that fascinate me to the point of obsession, and all that I hope for, is that one day I’ll be able to find the right words that will build the perfect sentence structure, that will help me explain with more depth the reason behind why the metaphorical, and the fanciful.

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