Poetic quote in front of black coffee in white mug and saucer and yellow wildflower yellow corn marigold in a glassware filled with a reddish tint water.

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Wild flowers trapped in water, black coffee to keep me awake – Emily Brontë’s poems are wondrous things

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I Can’t Continue Like That

I’m mentally exhausted right now. I can’t continue like that. Without an editorial calendar, and without planning in advance what to write, I’m predestined to fail, I’m bound to let my housework, and as well as all of the other important things that I neglect to write, read, take photos, create social-media contents, pileup, I’m certain that I’ll hate writing like all of these other things that cause lots of frustrations and stress in me… despise it like everything else that takes away my peace of mind; it’s guaranteed that I’ll go through moments of burnout and intense destructive emotions after that I stressed myself to write a post before deadline, to afterwards be too exhausted and sickened (through repeating the same words over and over again or work on the same piece for long hours) to publish — something that happened to me on Tuesday, and where it’s only today that I’m starting to feel that I miss blogging.

Writing and editing and taking pictures on the same day that I have to publish isn’t working for me; and this situation is starting to become a source of stress in my life… and I refuse to be crushed under the weight of stress… I won’t let that happen to me anymore.

Thus I’m seriously thinking to change my tactics once more — like learning how to plan my contents in advance, use more of the licensed photos directly available through WordPress, stop neglecting housework and other important things to the detriment of writing, delete some of my social-media accounts to concentrate more on those platforms that are inspirational driven, and of course, chose between consuming contents and creating contents.

That’s why I won’t be again consistent on my posting schedule during the coming days, perhaps even months, unless not before I’ve been able to have a good amount of content planned in advance.

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