On Windy Days

On Windy Days
On windy days 
The breeze carries 
The secrets of trees
Their fastfull dreams
And past memories of
Woolly Mammoths
Sabre-toothed tigers
Gigantic butterflies
Peculiar insects
And strange-looking things.
On windy days
When trees sway
I hear the trees murmur
Of things that can’t be said
In normal language understood
But in the language spoken
By all these creatures unseen
Veiled by the breeze and dreams
In vast corners of Earth where
Flowers and mountains kiss.
On windy days
Trees talk of my secrets
Of what their eyes see —
My cosmos pulsating
My astral body brightening
Of ghosts walking in my home
Of the mist, and the buzz they hear,
My secrets go in faraway lands
Falling in ears of the sages
Thanks to the breeze and trees.
On windy days
You should listen carefully
To what’s been whispered
To the messages they bring
On large deployed wings
With breezy translucent feathers
The offerings of trees and winds
To us that walk inside of this dream
With our eyes still close, dreaming
That trees sway on windy days.
What I see from my balcony on windy days —
a coconut tree swaying in front of a mountain range,
scenery that has inspired so many poems
that I’ve written about wind and trees.

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