A Cycle Ends – A Poem For This New Year

A Cycle Ends – A Poem For This New Year
A Cycle Ends

All stars and planets concinnate,
Of course, it's the end of a twelve months cycle
A fickle cycle that started twenty years back
 Do you remember what occurs?

You were new born in a shinny cradle
Your eyes, as dark as this void
Your heart, as empty as the nothingness
Yet, you are the monarch that's to be
Yet, you will yield the scepter for the coming decade
 Do you remember what occurs?

You had to downpour yourself wide
Living wanderlust among gypsies and mystics
Trying to catch an understanding of the outrageous
Seeking on your own to find your galaxy path
 Do you remember what occurs?

This whole block was your playground
Upheaval of intense emotional arousing;
The pathway less travelled, with traps - enigmatic
Your eyes, it matured, your self, it expanded
 Do you remember what occurs?

After the birth, the learning and the curiousness
After the knowledge, the chrysalis and the decisions
After you were pupae form, hungry, you were the devourer
 Do you remember what occurs?

Now, full formed, matured, with wings to fly
Cycles within inner circles as to grow;
Years to yonder on the wild side of life
Yearning and learning for that understandment
 Now, you remember, don't you?

Now that it's the end, we all cheer to a new reign
Feasting, with the new decade's monarch
Crying, over a past that will never return -
Everything's ready for this world to unfold
 But you, do you remember these occurrences?


It’s always very challenging for me to creatively come up with something for an important calendrical celebration, or even to write a piece for important events. These subjects are so sensitive, that most of the time I struggle to translate my emotions and thoughts, and end up giving up whatever I needed to write before it gets too complicated in my heart, in my head. I only want to feel the freedom and joy that arise within me as I write, and not the tension that arises from the fear of writing badly. And that’s how I had difficulties to express my deepest thoughts and feelings in the most creative and liberating way for this New Year’s poem, for sometimes the fear of ill-interpreting the subject, or even the fear that what I’m writing is too dull, arouse doubts in my mind, and stop me from continuing further. I guess that it will always be a challenge for me to write about these subject matters, but challenge that I will always gladly try to overcome. So, happy 2020 to all of you, and best wishes for the coming year — even though the spectre of a cyclone glides over Mauritius.

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