What a strange year it was! Don’t you all agree?

A Renewed Year

My companion goodbye
It has been a while
Since we've made this world worthwhile

And as we roam into the wild
Believing that stars dreamt out wide
The world begin within an insight,
Unfragile and dubefied
Our hearts deknot
And we are free again
Moving fast as bright lights
Coming to us in plain sight

No more cries
No more fights
No more lies
Estranged year, strangling days,

We've robbed a secret from Lucius
He went to stone and dust,

After the grand shift
Moon blued and blooded
The cosmos cracked
And the dark knights fled in,
Zombies, fairies, species, aliens
All went down, they crashed
Meteoroids angered, I crooked
It took over, He's here
She's here, It's here

So cheers to a new year
Renewals, rebirths
Where the lights are born again
From the cradle of the night.