My 36 Day Challenge Till Valentine’s Day

To create every day romantic poetic e-cards till Valentine’s Day

Valentine season is around the corner

Last year I had planned to create in advance a collection for valentine’s season, but I was unable to concretise it for I was still busy with my in-depth learning of creative writing. However, I have decided that this year will be different, thus challenged myself to create every day, and this till the 14th of February, romantic poetic e-cards intended for free downloads, sharing, printing, or simply for those who love to read romantic words.

I consider this challenge as an extra creative leisure; a mean for me to practice my writing skills, and as well as to exercise my aestheticism. I’m also preparing myself to be more independently effective in the niche that I have chosen. Like that, at least I know that I have contents and links to share and publicize.

Screenshot of the e-card I am making for today. Created with Google Drawings

But have to say here that without the help of online tools I would have never got the idea of doing all of this, while daring to set free my creativity. I now can say that I know in which direction I am heading to, I know what I want, though it will take time for me to improve, to learn, to understand, to make connections, to craft, to write, to create, but also, to accept.

Saying so, I now leave you to go create these romantic poetic e-cards — creative hobby that suits me so well.

And what about you? What challenges have you set your mind to?

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