The Importance Of Scribbling For The Self-taught Writer

Why Notebooks, pens, and digital-notebooks, are the self-taught writer’s best friends

Diaries & notebooks of all sorts have always fascinated me

If today I have contents on this blog and as well as a poetry book in preparation, it is greatly due to the scribbles jotted down here and there on different pages of different notebooks I keep; without forgetting the various digital-notebooks that permits me to type-in hastily my thoughts.

Thing is, anytime of the day inspiration and ideas might lightstruck my mind — and I insist on the word ‘lightstruck’, because if I don’t pen down this sudden spur of idea it evaporates instantly into thin air, just as the sudden appearance and disappearance of a streak of lightning into the sky.

That is how, uncountable structured sentences have slipped away from my mind, all while my attention was focused elsewhere, and where seconds afterwards I was unable to remember what gushed forth my mind.

It goes like that: a full-formed sentence lightstruck my mind, where most of the time my attention is already turned towards doing the dishes, ironing the clothes, immersed into a cool ambiance, or even while being online looking at interesting and inspiring images. And if ever I don’t rush on paper and pen, or open my digital-notebooks to type the words I’ve mused about, I instantly lose the idea on the way. Hence the importance of always having notes to write-on/type-in all the time.

So why does the self-taught writer needs keeping notes filled of scribbling?

  • As scribbling-blocks for later word building

As a self-taught autodidact writer, all of these scribbles will serve you later for whatever writing project you are onto. So write whatever and wherever you can at any time of the day, so that you might get bits of words from where you can extract the necessary inspiration for you to focus on.

  • A pool of inspiration to dive-in, on writer’s block season

Concerning me, there is a time where I can get loads of inspiration coming-in while focusing on my work, but there are some other days where my mind’s creative juice is completely dried out. And that is where I turn to my notebooks, trying to build upon all of these bits of scribbling words I’ve penned down or typed-in in haste. And believe me, there are enough inspiring lines in these notes for me to extract a whole paragraph.

  • The best self-motivational insight on times of self-doubts

There are so many times where self-doubts have gnawed my mind, making me want to abandon everything, even finding myself ridicule for daring calling myself a writer/blogger, and even more to be writing a whole book… when at present time there are so many talented writers that give full proof of their craft through the composure of their published books.

But strangely, the moment I go through my notes–even though these are in a scribble state–I instantly change my mind, for something in these untidy words lifts up my self-confidence to go write for more, knowingly that my scribbles are concrete proof that I can do it.

So, jot down your thoughts, and perhaps you might surprise yourself by going through your notes again, thing which can give to yourself that boost of solid rock self-confidence on these heartbreaking moments of self-doubts.

  • To set your imagination into motion

There are many ways of kindling one’s imagination, but to me, the thing needs to rely on the perception of the individual — like an imprint or impregnation of one’s own mind on the final composition of that something.

The appropriation of one’s own writing style takes time and practice, but nothing will get you there faster than to go through your notes, trying to build up a story from the bits of untidy words you’ve scribbled down on times where you had some random spur of inspiration of your own.

And as for you folks, why do you love keeping notes? Or perhaps, you could even tell the curious being that I am about the contents written in these famous notes…😃 And as always, don’t hesitate to comment down below.

Published by Eiravel

Hello everyone, and welcome to my personal blog. This is a self-taught adventure in creative writing, craft that I am passionate about; learning writing and all the stuff that concerns this industry while surfing on the waves of the internet, and I aspire to make a living through selling my own books and blogging, because why not. I live on the island of Mauritius with my husband, my two children, and my muse. I am an eclectic person, love the sublime and the strange; I am also interested in all types and forms of art that please my mind.

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