2018 Highlights Of My Online Activities

Say Formulate your need and desires for 2019…

This year has been the year of all mistakes, challenges, changes, reflections, analysis, but also progress and rock solid self-determination.

Every end year I love to sit down and reflect on what I have been able to achieve for personal growth and advancement. And this year I can say that I am pretty proud of myself, which is something that I have not felt since long… you know, that feeling of self-determination that strengthen with each step made towards that dream or goal…

Of course, I had my loads of bad times, but I am not around to lose my time! I am here because I have a goal that needs to be achieved, so as for me to decide about what I will be doing next… the clock is ticking, and everyday the sound of it reminds me of the preciousness of each hour-time that’s lost.

So down below are some of the main points concerning my 2018 online and writing odyssey:

Deletion of my former blog ‘Lovelyricism’ on WordPress

Have to say that it is the stupidest mistake that I committed for this year. Almost 4 years of blogging and learning how to use this platform has been casted away into winds of oblivion.

Complete deletion of my former account ‘Christa Chn’

I don’t regret that I have deleted this account, I only regret my former Pinterest boards – lolll. Have to say that I was going through some mental disturbance during this particular period of time…

I have progressed a lot through the writing of my book

After I deleted my former accounts, I focused more seriously on writing my book, and I’ve been progressing through the bringing of my attention to those small details that I now bring out forth into my writings.

I had an urge to blog

Writing is a rather lonely act, where suddenly I felt an urge to blog, for I terribly missed this creative leisure.

New account: from Christa Chn-to ea.ki-to Eiravel

I wanted to change from Christa Chn to an alternative online name – one which fits my vision of the whole thing that I wanted to achieve, and thus I went for ea.ki. However I noticed that there was some kind of incoherence concerning the pronunciation and written form of the term that could confuse, and where in the long run this would not work in my favour into the bizsphere. Thus deletion and abandonment of ea.ki to the detriment of Eiravel – which is an anagram of my paper name.

I am also working on a poetry book titled ‘i-organel dreamscape’

I love to write poetry for a surplus of creative leisure, and all the bits of sentences I have written here and there happened to have taken the form of free-verses, so I thought, why not kill two birds with one stone (faire d’une pierre deux coups).

I feel a little bit more at ease in the digital space

Understanding geek and technical terms used across the digital-space has not been easy at all for me. I had to come back many time to the main points to be able to assimilate the contextualisation of what makes the basic of the web, where I now understand why this whole thing is coined as ‘web’ and ‘internet’. The way I personally interact with abstract representations has finally aided me more than I could have ever imagine. Perhaps it might appear odd to you, but my interest (not saying obsession) into the association of words and formulations, and as well as the abstract behind everything, has somehow help me through navigating more smoothly across the web-space.

Going Social again

After I deleted my former account, I lost many posts, so now alongside my blog, I will try to catch up again with my socials.
▅ So here were some main points of what I have achieved and also changed during this 2018, with high hopes that I am on the right track, while keeping my focus there where it should be. And where are you, digitally speaking… don’t hesitate to comment from wherever year this post reached you 😅 ▅

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