A mug of cocoa, dried flowers on a written note, all laying on sheer fabric.

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A Change Of Name From ea.ki To Eiravel

If it’s confusing to me, then it will be confusing for you

Recently I noticed that my online accounts were not consistent across the web, and this situation forced me to completely change my e-name. This blog was once named ‘eakilog’, simply because the sub-domain name for ea.ki/eaki was not available, even the username for my gmail account was already taken… and it was quite a shock for me, for I thought that I had created a unique name — but it was clearly not the case.

For my Google account the ‘ea’ was far away from the ‘ki’, and for my social media accounts I had chosen ‘eaki.thoughts’ as username, where after some deep thoughts I realised that all of this will not help me in the long run, for all of it looked too messy and blurry. And even though for my blog I found the solution of separating the ‘ea’ from the ‘ki’ with a dash, it still seemed too confusing and disorganized to my own senses and way of comprehending things. So, in the end I decided to change everything once and for all, where I came up with a new user/brand/alternative/pen name, by rearranging my real name into ‘Eiravel’ (also I had to look at the inclusion of French/Creole language, where ea.ki sounded well in English, but a little bit too difficult, confusing, and unpretty to pronounce in these two other languages).

Thus, for these past two weeks I have been working hard (still not enough though) to migrate all of my former accounts to this new one, that is ‘Eiravel’… but unfortunately during this process I lost most of the short stories and blog posts that I had written for this blog. Now due again to some dumb mistakes of mine — for I haven’t learned my lessons of saving my photos and documents on USB keys, or even by simply downloading my files on file explorer right before I make the jump of changing everything — I find myself with a shortage of content.

It’s such a heartache for me because I have been working very hard on these stories and blog posts. But considering that I work all alone, the weight of doing it all in solo, in the end I had to accept the fact that some things may completely go out of hands at any time, thus the importance to remember that I need to remain positive, keep my head clear from fogs and clouds, focus on what I am doing, and mainly think deeply and carefully before I take any decisions.

In the coming days I will have to work very hard so as to be able to catch up with my online, and as well as my offline activities so as to keep up with this whole month’s planning. This reorganization stopped my progression on track… I ebbed away from the shores where I am still waiting for the tide. But all of it was necessary, Ananke whispered in my ears, for in the long run I would have been too confused and frustrated. Now that some bushes and vines have been cut, I can see a little bit clearer.

And though I lost many files and made many mistakes along the way, I do think that this year was a good one for me, for I have learned many things concerning writing and blogging in general; I have been able to finally understand the meaning of these digital terms that seemed so strange to me in the beginning — I guess that I am starting to find my way in that thick and wild jungle filled of predators and thick foliages that completely hide the sun. I also came to conclusions that will surely help me progress further on my solopreneur journey, that will help me emerge slowly from the depth of that digital ocean.

I also had to work a lot on myself, and I can say that most of my fears, and as well as my paranoia concerning online matters are under control. To not physically see the environment I interact with is very difficult for me, but I’ve ardently fallen in love with the websphere, and this from the moment I stepped and delved in it, and now I am doing everything I can so as to seduce it😂. I know! Too many metaphors in one blog-post kills all of the other metaphors… but I can’t help it, I just can’t help myself from creatively expressing myself.

Even though if it is very hard for me now, I know that with time things will slowly get better and easy, I just need to be patient and optimistic, remain sane and focus on my main plan, while keeping myself motivated all the time. I know what I want, which is the main principle in every business, and I’ll do everything I can so as to get there.

So here I am, still on track, and with no intention of giving up — at least not until everything is setup as I want, and not until I really know if this is going to work. The schema I’ve planned is slowly taking shape, and some of the main things that I had difficulty to understand now seems clearer. I’ll continue learning, researching, test, write and blog, and practice until one day I get it, until one day I get there. I still have a very very long way to go, but I am enjoying each step that I take during this exciting journey.

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