Immaculate canvas —
Awaited for brushstrokes
Like a lover waiting for love
Like a pen in need of use
Like a mould wanting to shape,
Expressions and Abstractions
Materialising from minds
To come alive into existence
To exist, to make you see —
Invisible information, invisible lessons
– Invisible instructions
Focusing elements of life
Begging to be seen through detailed intellect
Deciphering the beauty that’s ours
Detailing the truth that’s ours
His hand draws contours
And bits of remembrance
Comes back each time
The mind creates from genuine self
Lugubriousness materializes
To scream out to us —
That we remembered.

Artworks of every type have always been of great inspiration for me

Today I was inspired to write this poem when an artwork by Paul Klee appeared on Google Doodles. The painting was so striking to me that it kindled my imagination. Have to say that artworks created genuinely always catches my attention, which brings out-forth my fascination for the creator of the work.

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