A Christmas Verse

A Christmas Verse

The other day I went to a glass-painting workshop at the Mauritius glass gallery… where I have chosen this geometrical  paperweight to paint a reindeer and a Christmas tree on it (of course I’m very bad at drawing, and it was the artist who animated the workshop that drew everything). Also, luckily for us the cyclone is gone, else it would have ruined the festivities.

A Christmas Verse

The night starts to bloom  
  Out from the somber
    And  animates the celebration
     Of Christmas
 All spotlights flash
   Hues of December festivity

It is the night before Christmas
  And the Choir sings 
    Chorus that warmth hearts
While shop toys are filled 
 With gathering crowds
   And pavements clustered
    Of happy hearts and minds

Everybody is busy with the day
 While childish hearts 
  Dream eyes wide open 
   Of the bearded Santa Claus
Saying Ho!Ho!Ho! 
 In his sleigh 
  replenished of gifts
   Pulled by majestic reindeers

25th December -
  The scent of pines 
    And frou-frou ornaments
     Under -
      Gifts left by some kind of ghost. 


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