Summer is around the corner in Mauritius.

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1st December

1st December
1st December came in
Half of my world is in summer 
The trees abundantly offer their fruits 
For us to eat and to think 
Of the graciousness of nature 
The birds don’t nest their home 
Around here, on the trees, anymore,
They have spread their wings to fly away 
I hear their chants in the distance
And once in a while, opening my window 
I see them perching on electric wires 
Proud to be free, proud of their wings
In most houses it's summer too 
The bells are about to ring happy ever afters 
Holidays, end year, and Christmas too,
While others, still house winter in their heart 
1st December came in, I woke up knowingly 
That there is nothing anymore to be saved 
I go on with my life, busy building my dream 
So that my next winter 
Might look like the summer 
Of this 1st December day.

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