An urge to blog

An urge to blog
An urge waved in 
Like waves crashing
And surged me to be,
I was then free
To create what I need
That on which my soul feed.”

Today I felt as if something was missing in my life, as if my main writing activities wasn’t complete without blogging. Suddenly blogging appeared to me as the main activity that I needed to get into again (nope, it’s not my first blog, it is my third one). So, just like that (sur un coup de tête, as we say so well in French), I decided to plunge once again into this ocean of digital codes, to type about things that swing into my mind. Not that I am someone that loves to give away the things that are of personal issues, but I am much more of a person that wants to share an experience of the things that set my emotions into motion (for that is what Eiravel represents – an experience, a journey). I have to admit that writing like that on the go is something that I fear to do, for writing and editing precipitously can be done wrongfully, thereby, repelling all of these gleaming-eyed readers away from my writings. But then I thought, this whole thing is still in the hobby lane, so why not step into the blogging dance without stress, so, that is how I created on the go this account – and here I am, already at the end of finishing my first blog post.

Now all I have to do is blog whenever the urge to do so surges deep within my heart. Who would have thought that my want to blog again would be that strong!… Surely not me.

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