Ferns against a cloudy sky.

Under that sky of July

Forget the times of your distress, but never forget what they taught you.

Herbert Gasser

Under that sky of July I quietly moulted to become the woman that I’ve always dreamed to look like at my age — comprehensive, serene, joyful, confident, feeling secured, and grounded in reality. 

I found again my heart in the wintry embrace of July. 

July, the month where I opened my eyes for the first time in this world, sweetened my bitterness with honey manufactured by the wonderful bees… honey now drips from every part of me.

July was harsh as the cold and gloomy season bit us with its frosty fangs. It rained almost every week, while I recoiled in my lethargic state, drifting in between moments of strange daydreams filled with greyish clouds, and clarity of mind filled with sunlight. 

The capricious weather persisted, the winter season of July insisted to be felt deep inside of our bones — I’ve never trembled as I did in this particular month of July since years. And for once, July’s rainy days and sunless state didn’t brought up in me my legendary melancholic and bipolar moods.

July’s super-moon was beautiful… this event aligned with the maturation of my energies — I found myself in a mystical place filled with wonderment. 

I’m often struck by lunacy under the influence of full moons😅, but this time I was strangely mentally resistant under the crush of this super-moon’s radiation; my aura didn’t go through a great deal of perturbation as it usually does.

It rained a lot, and most of the time our blue sky disappeared for days behind tenacious heavy grey clouds, while everything we touched and wore were cold… July cried my tears, the sky was my heart, and the coldness my body… July took away my ailments, soothed me deeply, held me when I had to face again the reality of my mistakes, while re-editing.

I reached a turning point in my life. I wanted it so. I wanted it so badly. I needed to. I had given to myself an ultimatum of being able to walk out of this obscure place so as to find myself again in daylight… for that I made lots of efforts so as to be able to begin again in this new cycle of my life.

In the Southern Hemisphere the spirit of winter finishes to settle down in July, while setting free rain, winds, grey clouds, cold, and other gloomy and obscure creatures from its luggage — like that, the equilibrium will always be maintained.

I wanted to go swimming in the ocean the other day, but I feared to catch a bad cold, for everyone has been coughing and sneezing lately — July doesn’t seem to ease the symptoms of this winter virus.

In July I had a sudden change of heart. I made one with the self of my past, and the self that I’ve been in the future… I became one in the present, with the left wing of my past and the right wing of my future beating to the command of my body heart and brain.

My words matured, my world has extended itself till the borders of what’s limitless; and I walked out of July with new perceptions, and abilities to understand. 

I was grateful and thankful for everything… in July I finally understood synchronicity, I understood how I was myself this boulder that was blocking my own way. 

Time is everything, life is a patient and encouraging thing, and July revealed to me secrets that will lead me towards new months that will be full of warmth.


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