Capricious Weather

Capricious Weather

“In Mauritius the weather has been acting very strange lately. This Winter doesn’t seem like all of the other winters I’ve known. The wind seems so scary; the clear sky can suddenly turn into dark clouds filled of rain, while at night, when sleeping, at any time temperature can suddenly rise. All of these changes are so overwhelming.”

(Pour appaiser les maux d’hiver) To appease winter ailments
Capricious Weather 

What a capricious weather
This bewitching winter 
Makes me dream of sleep

I succumb under its will
I am lethargic, somnambulous 
Slowly sleepwalking towards 
A bipolar type of winter 

On some days it breathes coldly
On other days it rains and rains 
Then on some nights while I sleep
It’s so warm that I think it’s summer

I am under its spell, spellbound
So Troubled and so moody
So sluggish and so sleepy 

But my Dreams haven’t died yet
I just went to hibernate in my cave
While birds continue to chirp 
Even if the sun shines lesser

And then the spirit of winter 
Often comes out to play
And I enthuse at the sight 
Of its various mysterious shades
Cold, depressive, sunless state

It’s winter, I am bipolar
And my emotions rise and fall
While I constantly daydream
That I’ll walk in that new summer 
Clothed of rain and clouds and breeze
My gifts to the new season
Winter love into summer skies

What a capricious weather
I guess that it’s a bipolar winter
The strangeness of a gloomy season.


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