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Gloomy Season – A Poem

Mythology too, is a great source
of inspiration to me

“The Wolves Pursuing Sól and Máni” by J. C. Dollman, 1909

It is the gloomy season
Mosses, rain, darkness & cold 
A noir design
Explode into my heart
Within my veins
Streaks of black
Replace the red of my blood
Where the whispers of night
Causes shivers of fright;
Summoning the beasts
  Of my mind
A noir design
Devours the fiery Helios
Trailing it 3 miles away
Into its dimensional chariot
While the gloomy season
Crown the winter emperor
Of the coronal of icicles
Clothing it of fur coat,
& skeletons ornaments
      the creatures of seas
Bloody wars of tentacles
& shimmering scales —
The end of halcyon days
Only to rest beside 
The mistress of seas
The mermaids chant in hysteria
While into wetlands
The cold becomes colder
As the city of lights
Goes to sleep in tears
Saddened by its failure
Of setting ablaze the world
Into its embrace
Boiling lagoons &
Burning down the trees
Murdoch… Murdoch
Do you think
That the dark
Would have let you?
A noir design
Shooting meteors
Stopped on track
They become ice
Exploding 3 miles away
And shattering on earth
As hailstones on roof
It is the gloomy season
Mosses, rain, darkness & cold
We’ve been struck by a harsh summer, where the heat of the sun was at its maximum temperature. Thus, while it seems that we are entering the winter season, I thought of wrapping this poem into a surreal style; with a pint of mythology. 



By Eiravel

I am an independent creative author (self-taught autodidact), who lives on the island of Mauritius. I've self-published a metaphysical science-fiction novel (Darcocyte); and I am currently writing a poetry book. I am a very passionate person, who loves reading beautiful sentences; I am also a great cinephile, music lover, and a lover of everything aesthetic and artistic. For my personal creative leisure, I love to craft, blog & write poetry, and this, all the while taking care of my children.

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