4 Tips For The Autodidact To Consider Before submitting That First Piece Of Writing

If you fear ridiculousness, then, you should perhaps reconsider things

Writing is an art that you can almost master in a rather short period of time if practiced arduously and self-consciously. But before you can achieve this phase, loads of craps, and as well as loads of unintelligible sentences will bleed through your ink, as for you to finally be aware of what fits your own writing style, or else take notice of the skills needed to do so.

As I always say, initially I am a fictionaire, a daydreamer, and someone that has a vivid imagination. And when I connected with the internet and got inspired by all the others who posted digital content, I too envisioned to materialize the abstract images that run wildly into my imagination, and thus took the chance to finally write. But still, I didn’t know back then how to aesthetically structure contexts, and just went on writing wildly what I wanted to so as to publish them right away, and this, without even caring of going through rereads for further edits. And it was much later that I came to the realization that there was a lot more work to be done behind a piece of good writing.

Thus, when I gained some further insights on what really lies underneath skillful writing, I hurried back to my old posts – which were then on my former WordPress.com blog – so as to go through rereads for further edits… and guess what!… well, I felt ridiculous while going through all of my writing debut posts, but still, upon realizing that I made significant progress, I felt more determined than ever to continue practicing my writing skills. Moreover, my writing evolution bloomed throughout composing my current science-fiction book, and what was then an ugly duckling format, found itself being transformed little by little into a swan… yes, that’s the effect it made on me.

So after some bragging about the dilemma, I faced, here are some of the tips that I wished I knew before publishing online my first pieces of writings:

    1. If you are not used to be reading books, then it is the right time for you to do so, because it is only through this act that you will likely gain proper insight about the anatomy of the different use of textualisation, which will further serve you towards writing on your own.
    1. You should also be writing a lot every day, for it is only through practice that you will be able to upgrade your writing skills.
    1. Write what you wanted to write, without taking into any consideration or so to grammar and style, and keep in mind that this first draft of yours will be very very ugly, but you won’t care about its ugliness for the moment being, and will much more enjoy the roller coaster of writing about what YOU want.
  1. Then afterwards, after having finished your writing project, it will be time for you to go through the polishing phase, where rereads and re-writings, in between different intervals can make a whole difference about what you have been writing into that first draft.

To conclude, keep in mind that you will perfect your writing skills the more you practice your craft, and don’t forget to trust yourself upon judging if your own writing appears as beautiful as you intended it to be.

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