I’m Letting All Go

Writing delivers you from all sorts of mentally tormenting situations. There is a strange and spooky action that is triggered when you write down your thoughts, your troubles, even your happiness.

Pale green insect on wall. Just because insects don’t care.
I’m letting all go

I’m letting all go 
Of the weight that drowns me
In a puddle of muddy water 
I’m letting all go 
Of my insane attitudes 
Of these bad behaviors
I’m letting all go 
Of all my weary troubles 
And of what rips my heart

Life will be my panacea
Love will be all I breathe
I will survive and rise
Over my sadness and miseries
And drop that heavy bag of burden
To finally be free and real.

Published by Eiravel

Hello everyone, and welcome to my personal blog. This is a self-taught adventure in creative writing, craft that I am passionate about; learning writing and all the stuff that concerns this industry while surfing on the waves of the internet, and I aspire to make a living through selling my own books and blogging, because why not. I live on the island of Mauritius with my husband, my two children, and my muse. I am an eclectic person, love the sublime and the strange; I am also interested in all types and forms of art that please my mind.

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