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Whimsies – womanly thoughts

In the night, over the ground, I dreamt that I flew over a nest of women who were drunk with happiness and insouciance, who spinned and danced wildly, singing and laughing joyfully, and I, I had a pen and paper in my hand, writing about what I saw during that womanhood festival. And when I remembered that strange dream the next day, I had to ask myself the question about why I write obsessively, but yet unconsciously about stories filled with women endowed with such power and strength, when I myself am prone to regular fits of anxieties.

Lately I’ve been answering through a written piece the question ‘from where precisely stem my interest for writing?’, and where recollecting all of these memories that stem from infancy, so as to compress them in a blog post, has automatically ungraved from my being some things that need thinking. And believe me or not, suddenly I was facing a personal crisis, as each minute of these recent past days plunged me in welcoming reflective moments that concerned my behaviours and attitudes. I now have to admit that I’ve been a pathetic-paranoid-stupid- ungrateful-fanciful-tocqé little whimsical whiner. I have been very immature all along the way. But don’t worry, I surely assume all of those facets that make up my individuality, and never ever feel an ounce of shame for being myself😂. Nevertheless, this little exercise of introspection has helped me to be aware of some of my behaviours, and to once and for all work on the unfounded fears and paranoia that I go through on a regular basis.

When I go through those introspections, I automatically disconnect from writing, from the world; I halfly function, because the work I do on myself at this point sends me into a whirlpool of doubts; and surely I wouldn’t have written this blog post if I had not healed some of my ongoing issues.

In that other dream, I was devouring grapes with Bacchus, all the while enchantresses and witches danced ecstatically, and gossiped loudly, as an opened laptop floated on the geyser of a water fountain. “Take it cool, take it slow, take it happily, take it wildly, take it magically,” I guess that’s the significance behind that dream; I guess that’s the message streaming through internal channels by the spectres of my ancestors – all of these strong women on whose shoulders I stand today. Have to say that I am very proud of the blood that runs through my veins, proud of my unbiased upbringing, proud that I was raised with such a degree of liberty, within a free space that was proper to the growth of my understanding and self-knowledge.

Recollecting all of these memories has shaken me up, and forcefully stirred my emotions upside down… it was the writing therapy that I needed right now, at this point in time where doubts about my writings, but also matters concerning my personal life have been torturing me. I think that I have reached the step of acceptance, I finally made peace with my choices. And I have even been able to find the right answer to the famous question often asked to authors about “why do I write?”, and where the answer to that question has helped me to overcome my sadness concerning my ineptitude and incompetence to publish Darcocyte, or my book of poems… anyway, they are just some random obscure books amidst a lit constellation of other much more interesting and gripping books. I made peace with the fact that I am not ready, that my books are not ready, that the world will never unfurl for me. But now, in spite of all, more than ever before I want to write, simply because after rewinding my mind, I now know exactly what attracts me to this medium. Thus I write because writing itself evokes in me that ocean of freedom in which I’ve always swam in. I feel like I embrace that same degree of liberty, of expansion, of fancy, and of happiness. This illusion of freedom disappears when I write fiction and poems. I feel like a feather that’s carried away by a breeze… will I fall on a lawn filled with dry leaves, or end up on your skin, on your head, your lips, on your desk, in your phone, on a shelf?… Who cares, I am something free that writes wholeheartedly, I am someone who escapes in self-created fictions and poems. I am a woman who equilibrates my days with writing, and fills up the cusp of my soul with the beauty of words.

“You are always birthing me out of that indescribable chasm, that womb floating in deep dark space, always putting me high up in your sky, I, woman of confused feelings and fragile state of mind”…Was that dream-made, self-made, or just some rambling poetic thoughts? Is the discovery of that little me person in a shadow concrete box disturbed me to the point that I had to make up that phantastical world – where I am woman clothed of an elastic skin that deteriorates with time…? But in that absurd dream… in that dreamworld filled of unknown faces and morphing spaces with ghosts, a womb without flowers births me out, a strong hand pulls me out from its belly.

So, women, I hope that through creative writing, or while doing any other type of creative activities, you’ll find that which you have always been searching for; that you find your answers, that you are able to break the illusion of freedom so as to be instantaneously free – free to roam the cosmos in red bed sheets and flowers blooming out of your head.

Happy women’s day in advance. I hope that you’ll visit tomorrow, for I’ll be posting a poem for women’s day. Thank you.

Personal Narratives

New Goal Achieved

An invitation to the launch of the 27th title of Collection Maurice

It’s the 15th of December, at 5.50 pm we enter the Hennessy Park Hotel parking. “Let’s go back home. I don’t want to go inside. I am not in my element,” I then said to my husband, with a stirring sensation in my gut. I was simply emotional, overawed, not quite sure what was going on. Is it a dream, perhaps a prank, or am I hallucinating, I then thought, with those butterflies still swarming in my tummy. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with the type of feeling that made me want to run away, because that thing seemed too grand for me, too impressive, and I, I have felt so little for all of these years, practically invisible, paving that way all alone, trying to prove to myself that I can, again, and that my mental fragility can’t rob me of the person that I have always been before my fall in the pit of depression; and now, this, now, my name alongside the greatest name of the Mauritian literary circle… I just couldn’t believe that I was there, and that I was writing a new positive chapter of my life.

After that my husband reassured me, we went inside, and a lady welcomed me to the author’s table; there she gave me the book in which my story has been published for the 27th title of Collection Maurice, a trilingual book (French-English-Creole) that has as English title ‘undercover’. Now I can… can I you think? Be at ease with calling myself an author; would they now understand what I really do, what is my passion, and how writing saved me from the obscurity so as to lead me towards the light… can you now understand?

A trilingual book (French-English-Creole) of short stories written by Mauritian authors

I was sitting there amongst the great, those enlightening minds of the literary community, and I just couldn’t believe that I was in the same room, as well as in the same book anthology as those whom I often see on television, read in newspapers or magazines, hear on the radio – those respected authors whose writings are wonderful and enlightening.

I was so awestruck that I completely forgot that I am a creative writer’s lifestyle blogger, and that taking photos for this blog is a must for me; to record and share my journey as a self-taught writer is my mission. I’ve completely forgotten to capture that important day of my writer’s life, so much I was in a dumbstruck catatonic state, paralyzed with a high dose of wonderment, but also, of fulfillment. Sadly I haven’t been able to make the most out of this opportunity; on the other hand I kept worrying about whether I’ll look good on their photos or video cameras😅.

Nothing is won yet, but I can add this experience and accomplishment to my bio and curriculum vitae. Somehow I feel that I have upgraded to the next level of my journey as a self-taught writer, which was on my plan all along the way.

It boosted my writing confidence

Lately, since going through the nightmare of re-editing Darcocyte, I had lost all confidence in my writing abilities. I was stuck with thoughts that I was a mediocre writer, and that my blog was only fake pages written by a clown. I was unable to get myself out of this failure, and my mind was again a horrible place filled with angst, where destruction was taking over because I felt that I was not good enough to create fiction and poems. My morale was very low.

I had challenged myself to build organic SEO based on Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness), but when this all happened, when my grammatical errors and bad syntaxes unraveled in front of my eyes, deep inside I felt that I had compromised my own trustworthiness. I just couldn’t take it.

But then my story has been chosen for the publication of Collection Maurice, after I have taken part in the writing competition organized by immedia. I am amongst three other new authors whose story has been chosen, and where we were all invited for the launch of the book collection. I listened happily and emotionally as summaries of the short stories written by ‘new authors’, including mine, was being read; and I was overwhelmed with joy when I took the group photo alongside the other authors, though I didn’t know which camera I needed to face😂; but I was also stunned and a little bit panic when I was asked for my first autograph🤗.

Though it all seemed impressive to me, I love that game for it has boosted my writing confidence. I want to continue submitting to the various Mauritian writing competition; and I hope that next time I will be more at ease, more present, and more active to take photos for the blog, or even to connect with others.

Personal Narratives

My Two Manuscripts

In the night-time, I dreamed that I was at a wedding ceremony on the celestial plane. The bride was beautiful; she had a wreath of flowers on her head, and she wore an ivory lace dress. On the other hand, the bridegroom was a gigantic energy being, same as the others that were present. During the whole ceremony, I held my two manuscripts tightly against my heart. And after it was over, they all surrounded the blue planet, and they showered blessings, hearts, fruits and vegetables, money, flowers, and lots of petals; as for the mortal bride, she threw some very big roasted meat😂… but the celestial beings didn’t seem to care at all. And I, I was still holding against my chest the manuscript of Darcocyte and my book of poems, all the while good vibrations beamed out from the hands of these celestial beings. Afterwards, they all receded into darkness, perhaps, so as to obscure their presence.

Seven years later – two books

Last night, right before going to bed, I watched the end of a movie, and as well as a mini documentary, which had for main theme spirituality – and I did this all the while tightly holding my two manuscripts against my heart. And I guess that’s from where stems this very weird dream. The strangeness of this ongoing peculiar time, I guess.

Thing is, yesterday I received the manuscript of both Darcocyte and my book of poems, and I couldn’t stop myself from being exhilarated, from expressing loads of happiness. And I held these manuscripts as if they were real babies, kissing them, and even having them on my bedside for the night… yes, I know, that’s a bit too extreme and crazy😂 but I tend to get very eccentric when I am overly happy.

I know that nothing is won yet, but I just couldn’t stop admiring, and thinking about these last seven years of hard work; of neglecting so many things, to the point of not wanting to go out, as to be able to finish these books. I poured all my heart, and what remains of my love in these two books, just to be able to find myself once more. I have shed so many tears, made so many mistakes, been so dramatic, and alienated, but I think that I did it, I think that I was able to find a purpose that passionate me enough to be again.

I feel that I am a little bit more emotionally prepared for whatever comes in my way. I am so excited that I am unable to focus properly while writing – my mind is stirring up, my thoughts are fuzzing in all directions. I am thinking a thousand things at the same time, and I guess that it’s making me physically and mentally tired. I need some good rest, and perhaps go out more.

Now that I know that it takes so much time and efforts to understand and to learn this whole digital thing, I want to focus more my efforts and energy towards making the necessary offline connections, for as an anonymous quote says: “The comfort zone is nothing else but a graveyard for your dreams & ideas,” where it might be true or not; for me it is somehow true, thus I guess that if these doors are closed for me, whether intentionally or not, it means that they are closed for a specific reason.

Darcocyte & Book of poems

P.S: I’ve written this post on the go, so if ever you find any type of grammatical errors or any other type of mistakes, please do comment below. Thank you.

Personal Narratives

Writing to slow down time

Time stands still when I do the things that I am passionate about

I want to be able to write more short stories, book reviews, and tips; convey more of my thoughts, feelings, and ideas. But unfortunately, my daily length of time is insufficient, ephemeral, limited.

Poems are more present on this blog because they are short forms of writings, thus I had the ability to practice the craft of writing poetry everyday, and in that way, I was able to improve my poetry skills little by little. But as far as I know, it is through writing long-forms that an aspiring writer can over time really become good at writing all types of formats, ranging from flash-fiction to essays and to the weirdest type of poems… well, at least for the autodidact, the self-learner.

Look what happened with Darcocyte. I thought that I had finished polishing the story; I personally found it good enough to sit on book shelves… but here I am, after one year that I’ve self-published it, re-editing all the grammatical errors that I now see mysteriously.

I don’t think that I would have skilled up my writing techniques if I hadn’t written Darcocyte. I am still on the phase of learning the techniques of creative writing, of conveying my thoughts properly, of writing as I wish to. But to write as I wish to, I need to know the rules as to be able to break them down properly, so as to acquire my own style of writing in English, for the reader’s mind hasn’t been trained to make sense of the nonsense. Thus my wish to be more exotic, but always working hand in hand with grammar rules and syntaxes.

But you have to practice a lot, and also read a lot; write and read, read and write, write and edit, edit and write, re-read revise and re-write, and my time is limited. I have to keep up with so many things.

As my children are on holidays, I am able, for only this whole month of December, to elope for some hours, to steal bits of my precious time so as to be able to write and practice more, and to get better at editing my own writings (until, I hope, one day I might be able to afford one).

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, I had enough time to write books, blog, be present on social media, learn, and in between manage my house chores; but after the pandemic everything changed. I lack time.

It’s hard for me to keep up with a daily writing routine, just as I did before – but I feel so low and without purpose on days where I haven’t been able to write, that I have decided despite everything to continue writing everyday, even if it’s one sentence, or even one little word, something, for time seems to slow down for me, as I have found my passion, my purpose, my happy place. And no matter how long it takes to get there, I know that in this space of mine, time stands still when I do the things that I am passionate about.

P.S: if you have any type of critic concerning this post – whether it concerns my writing style, grammar errors, or word mistakes, please don’t hesitate to comment about it. Thank you, and have a beautiful Sunday.

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Writing abates the storm in my heart

On a wooden table, a pen on an opened notebook, a hat, a mug, and flower
writing to relax

Writing abates the storm that often rages in my heart – like frustrations, anxieties, sadness, anger, unacceptance, incomprehensiveness, and all of these other emotional disaster that wrecks my all.

When I write, my heart feels lighter, my soul soars higher, I can see clearer, and I feel happier. When I am immersed within, only facing my own emotions and all of the characters that wildly run in my imagination, I feel an in-depth connection with the cosmos, where, metaphorically speaking, we work hand in hand as to give substance to what abstractly appears in my daydream mind, and where for me, it’s relaxation to peacefully reach out for these buried ectoplasm that carry memories which stem from immemorial times.

It takes time, energy, practice, and every once of concentration as to be able to dig deep inside, in search of stories and poems. Peace of mind, of the heart, and of the surrounding environment is a must, and to remain alone with yourself in a silent room, as long as possible, is what triggers the deep dive – at least for me that’s the type of exercise that helps me to write, though how difficult the craft of writing is.

“Tell me wind, tell me tempest, tell me sea water, and everything else that carries memories and murmurs of the world, if you could guide my hand and guide my heart while I write, perhaps this heartwrecking environmental disaster, this spilled oil that traps the sea and its creatures, and pollute our beach and our air, could have been prevented…”

When writing a story I never know the type of characters that I’ll meet along the way, precisely on one of these days where I am going through an emotional roller-coaster. Love, passion, creative enthusiasm, or any other overwhelming feelings trigger the necessary inspiration which helps my sentences to come alive on paper or screen.

It is an adventure that takes place in my imagination; and though the pen is in my hand, or typing the words on a keyboard, I am only an observer who is thrilled to know more, to know how the story unfolds, eager to take part in the lives of these characters.

There is something soothing that takes place when I write, or even while trying to get the necessary inspiration and ideas for stories and poems. I am unable to describe clearly what really takes place in my heart as to share it with you, readers… all that I can say is that it’s a gentle type of peace that invades my heart, but also a bit of pleasure, an once of satisfaction, and excitement too. Thus I am unable to name with exact precision the feeling that takes over my heart when I write – this emotion that calm my nerves when I feel down.

Through writing, there have been so many emotions that have been thrown away on a stormy heartfelt day, that now, I am unable to live the rest of my life without penning down my thoughts. I don’t even want a day to go by without having mused about a story, a poem, or even, without going on thinking about what to blog next.

Perhaps this all thing that I am doing might sound silly to most; where my creative state of mind and my trying as an author-blogger wouldn’t be understood by the many… I don’t know, I am just guessing, perhaps, wrongly guessing. But still, to those people I respond, or, I’ll respond, that all I know about, is that writing abates the storm that rages in my heart.

“Wind, blow through me, and lend me your memories while I write, to abate the storm that rages in your heart : to calm down the fury in my heart.”

Personal Narratives

The Dedication Amidst Anxiety

“When you’re going through hell, keep going” – anon

Creativity to equilibriate

Anxiety has always been a poison to my mind – it rules me, it makes me unproductive, it fogs my mind, I can’t see clearly. My mind is an arid land when confronted to anxieties, which most of the time change into stress, and stress to depression. Ever-since my mental breakdown, I am not anymore as I used to be – I am more fragile, more susceptible, more frustrated than ever before, falling in and out of the mental prison of anxiety, and can’t think properly when darkness takes over.

Sure, to liberate my mind and alleviate the anxiety, I practice free-writing on paper, that I immediately tear after having relieved my heart of everything that hurts… but these are scribbles penned down automatically, and where I roughly write everything that’s hidden deep, locked, these layers of chaos, these cracked feelings that I am unable to shout out or say – some ignominious unlighted sentences, quasi-demonic, I will tend to say😂 I don’t know to whom these stabbing words are meant to or for, but what’s the most important, is that afterwards I feel relieved and my heart lighter, and sometimes even get some inspirational elements from where I can extract stories, poems, or even get ideas about what to blog. I love to think about this process as a phase of transmutation, where I take my anxieties, the obscure, and transform them into creativity, into writing.

It’s the calmness, the peace, the beauty of things that I perceive, and also doing what I like freely and without frustration that render me productive. I don’t thrive amidst chaos, negativity, and stressful environment, for these lugrubrious atmosphere, they annihilate every perception that I might have of an harmonious existence. Thus amidst tension, stressing factors and all the rest, my mind basculate into the dark side, the paranoia, the mistrusts, everything that’s negative, the coldness, the heartless – and instead of creation, it’s the incarnation of destruction that takes over, the duality without balance, the Yin that completely obscure the Yang in me.

And yet while writing these words, no matter how gloomy they might hit, I feel relieved of a heavy weight, for these sentences that I am writing right now, written aesthetically and creatively, they appeal as a beautiful creative leisure to my mind, insisting that I am here, alive, in full pocession of my mind, because I am taking all of the elements that’s from the well of a dream, everything that is abstract and fractal, everything that is geometric, symbolic, and formulaic, and that I am working my way through it, that I am solving, giving that which is shaped from the depth of my mind the chance to become concrete, to exist, to fly away from the darkness, the nothingness. Materializing my thoughts with these words in full awareness and a certain kind of logic. The want and need to be, stronger than these anxieties.

Thus, writing is the only interesting activity that appease my mind (well, apart watching T.V and movies😊) in times when anxieties strike, mainly during these times of health, economic, humatarian, and sanitation crisis – for I know that I am freely doing what I like, that simply writing is not a cause of frustration in my life, and that it is the balance that equilibriate my anxious state of mind of these days, and those to come.

Creativity is my own personal response to destruction, and where amidst these dark times, all that I can bring to the table, is my dedication to writing.

And what about you? What you do to balance, tackle, or cope with anxieties?

Personal Narratives

What Is A Personal Blog

hand holding mug of tea with milk, alongside diary, tablet showing blog site, and fountain pen

In my youth I always kept a diary, scribbling about thoughts, ideas, my life, heartaches, and all the rest. It was my little secret garden, my get-away for mind relaxation. I never knew why I liked recording in that diary every bits of my teenage years, but every time I finished writing about what frustrated me back then, I felt better, ready to smile to the world again. I think that most diarist would agree with me that things tend to get better, while life seems brighter, after having poured into words our thoughts.

But what about blogging then? Well, compared to a diary that has key and lock to guard against prying eyes, a blog is not for the cagey – those that want to guard intimate secrets, even though you can password protect. To me, a personal blog is much more like one of those T.V reality shows (that by the way I am fond of); log entries that are made accessible to almost all web users.

Thus, a personal blog is a futuristic version of the diary, with possibilities of doing more – for compared to the limited page of a diary, a blog has limitless pages that are easily searchable through timely archives, categories, and topics, and where you can make it available, or even share publicly.

Social medias too can be qualified as personal blog, but not for the passionate diarist – those that are into long form writing.

As for me I blog about my adventures as a writer that uses the digital system, with hope that other aspiring writers don’t do the same errors as I did, and along the way give answers to questions that they might be asking to themselves; exhibit my poems and short stories, making them freely available to those passionate readers of poetry and fiction, while demonstrating my personal aesthetic type of writing. Roughly, my desire is to inspire and motivate aspiring or amateur creative writers through my own writing odyssey, while trying to bring my own contribution to the design of a better world, because why not! I also intend to use blogging as the main medium through which I can sell my products and services in a near or far future – thus my urge to blog with such degree of passion.

I do think that the personal blog is the main hallway to the personal opinions, thoughts, interests, experiences, reflections of the one that blogs, and these characteristics, I do believe, are what make personal blogs so attractive to readers like me – those that crave genuine emotional connection through these words put down in words.

Hence, what do you folks think about personal blogs?

Personal Narratives

About Meditation For Creatives

My experience of the thing

Zen attitude for creativity

To “meditate” is defined in the dictionary as: “to think deeply and seriously about something” – but to gain what exactly? As for me, in the beginning, I wanted release from stress; and with all the books that I already had – about the power of Meditation and all the rest, combined with my knowledge of what’s esoteric, I finally decided to try those techniques that would liberate the ideas imprisoned deep into my subconscious. Thus, there are many reasons that trigger a person to make the decision of starting meditation – peace of mind, increase focus, happiness, amongst other reasons; but also to draw forth these unlimited supply of ideas that’s buried deep inside one’s own consciousness (yes, it’s possible, but not without danger).

I acquired most of my knowledge of the know-how to meditate through reading various books on the subject matter, including self-help books, where I experienced the benefit gained from the various techniques to meditate, through practicing. But, it was only after going through loads of difficulties and issues, that I have been able to experience it; which sadly many writers don’t guard against in their books.

I don’t think that a person should go deep into those techniques without proper guidance, following, and surrounding by legit and approved masters of these exercises of liberation, especially, if the person had/has a tumultuous life, traumas, or any other psychological issues. Now, if ever you want to go into this inner adventure all alone, then, I do hope that you buy a punching ball, or any other intended object meant to help you release the steam of your internal pressure cooker; and also that you have a good psychoanalyst/psychotherapist at hand (not a psychiatric though, please) – one who has knowledge, or studied the behaviors of the users of various techniques used to meditate; or better, that you live alone, or at least warn your surroundings that at any moment you might transform into hulk (now, your experience might be otherwise) .

There are many techniques that are being taught by the various spiritual and scientific institutions that exist, mainly, meditative prayers, transcendental meditation, mind stillness, self-inquiry, mindfulness, yoga, worshipping, trance, dance, chants, mantra repetitions, focusing, contemplation, formulating, binaural beats (learn the effects of exposing yourself to these frequencies though), and so many other techniques, which you can choose and pick now from the internet, but not going through it without the knowledge of the consequences which arise from starting to meditate on your own without a guide, for it is only a small portion of the whole knowledge needed to acquire meditative state that is given online. So, enter, or expose yourself (frequencies) at your own risk.

If during your first encounter with these techniques you feel overwhelmed, uncomfortable in your head and body – know that if you continue to gently practice, you will eventually experience it; but not after having dug within the layers within. And make sure that you understand, that once you have initiated the meditative program, well, there is no going back to your former self – whether you continue on your way to progress; or stop, and your state of mind worsen (that’s from relatives and friends that have quit mediation because they couldn’t bear the weight of overwhelming feelings. Have to say that they had issues). So, think twice, or even 10,000 times, before getting into deep meditation, because once you are into it, there is no stepping back.

As for me, I prefer to excercise both the techniques of contemplation, that is, to focus my attention on an object (in motion or not), and this, without having any thoughts, and in the end, it’s a beautiful feeling that takes on my body and mind; and, the exercise of stilling my mind. I don’t know the mechanism behind, but I can assure you that they are beneficial to my mind to get the necessary ideas to write about.

But I’ve also tried transcendental meditation😁😂 where of course I learned this technique from YouTube, where the guy firmly stipulated to not try this technique, but anyway explained how to do it – and damn, and by all the planets above, and ##@@#&&!!?## I went through loads of shit – it works, but, never ever never do that all alone🤣 (I don’t even know why I have put lol emoticons, because it is not at all a lol thing). Just be guided, for not everyone is a force of nature.

And how it went for you? Was it a cool experience, or a crazed one?

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My 2020 Resolutions

Concerning my creative career

My tries of yesteryear
Fell on the soil –
Bloomed out a strange plant
Whose leaves I ate this year –
Mistakes to not make again
Mistakes to not make again. -Eiravel-

Here comes the time of the year where some resolutions need to be thought about. As for my 2019 resolutions, most of them have been achieved, like, finishing my novel, publish it, as well as being clear on what I really want to achieve, and on which pathway should I much more focus my attention. Now that some of my goals have been attained (though it’s only half fraction of the whole plan), I can continue my launch through this self-made adventure, as an independent writer/author.

So here are some of my main resolutions for my 2020 creative career:-

Finish my poetry book

Top priority on my list of resolutions for this year – give birth to my second book

Find a publisher for the physical format of my books

Because alone, I really suck on that part of making my book available, for it was way too much stressful for me. Now that I know, I intend on taking another route.

Keep up with a healthy weight

That one too, was on my list of priority for my 2019 resolutions – but I did not achieved my goal of regaining a healthy weight. Thing is, I believe that the stress caused by my overweight can have bad impact on my creative mind, for I am unable to think well, when there is so much tension.

Make the needed connections

Now that I’ve given proofs (through blogging, writing poems & short stories, and as well as my ability of producing books, I think that it’s time for me to go seek those local professional authors, as to further expand my library of knowledge – while they might perhaps help me to publish my coming books.

Try those sites built to sell services

I think that I am ready, or I need to force myself to be ready; for as you can see, I have extra costs to pay for now, thus, if books don’t sell, I’ll need to work towards other things.

Post on this blog once per week

At least try to organically optimise, as to attract readers to my blog; because what’s the use of sharing my thoughts, or any other content relevant to my experience and adventure, if there is no one to read my posts . . . so this year, I’ve decided to maximise my chance of being found through the web.

Treat what I am doing as a business

Because that’s what it is, isn’t it? Though the steer wheel is not in my hands (we will never know what happens at the back end of the internet), I intend of leading my small biZ like a more gentle version of a caid or donna, or not . . . loll.

Be more present on Social Medias

Because this is where the real people are, isn’t it!?

I guess that’s all folks. I do think that I have a very busy agenda for this whole year. Now let’s see what adcomes of it, for nowadays, the currents are always changing and shifting, or things aren’t working how we want it to, thus our sails need to be constantly adjusted in the proper direction; but I guess that I am a very adaptive person, and that in the end, I know that most of my resolutions will materialise – one way, or the other.

Personal Narratives

If I Had Abandoned

Driven By Passion & Determination

It has been difficult, very difficult indeed. It had been almost alienating… and all of this happened during the strangest episode that I have ever encountered in my whole life… and believe me, I have encountered a lot. I should have abandoned and taken all of these hoaxes that my mind made up, or not, very seriously, but, you know, I know very well how it feels to have a beautiful and aesthetic way of thinking — where hate or any other negative vibes were of no actuality in my mind. All you need to do is remember beauty, love, and your own heart.

Hence, if I had abandoned, I wouldn’t have been on the verge of closing a chapter of my life as to write a new one; with a finished novel of 69,000 of words, a well-fed blog, a poetry book in editing phase, more basic skills acquired, lots of ideas written here and there, and as well as happily seeing my plans taking shape.

If I had abandoned, I do think that I would still have been stuck in a life of misery; without any dreams to cling to, or without even any plans of a future full of excitement. I wouldn’t have awakened every morning with thoughts of progressing and going somewhere, and I wouldn’t have gone to bed every night with the sentiment of having accomplished something; no matter how small it might have been. In a word, my life would have been dull, without any motivation and aspiration to keep me on the right track of a healthy and happy life.

If I had abandoned, I would have lived an unhealthy life, where perhaps my mental would have been a complete mess; I would have been loss; running with fairies, lonely, depressed, and filled with anger and anguish. I would have lived a life without purpose, I would have stopped listening to music, singing (no matter how falsely I sing), or even dance, where perhaps, I would surely have stopped watching television and movies too.

Damn, I would have clearly been a total mess.

If I had abandoned I don’t think that I would have learned terms such as self-motivation, self-conviction, self-analysis, self-help, focus, self-taught. I don’t think that I would have regained such trust and faith in life, and I don’t think that I would have been so hungry for life again. Looking at everything I’ve done till now gives me back all of this trust that I had lost in myself; no matter how hard the try might have been, in the end, nothing has been lost, for me.

If I had abandoned, there would have been no positive change in my life. My enthusiasm and my self-determination in life and for life would never have been that powerful, whereas my eagerness for achievement is reaching the level of stars and planets. Something positive came out of this whole thing, compared to if I had abandoned or done something that was not good for my soul.

… What’s on the next ride… I don’t know… but for sure, I’ll keep going.

I do hope that you never abandon whatever goodness your soul is eager to be doing, and that at the end of this long pathway filled with pitfalls and strangeness, you come out of it renewed, strengthened, healthier than ever, or even proud of you, and of everything you have accomplished.

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The importance of creative leisures in my life

Look how imperfectly beautiful my handmade crafts are 😅

To me, creative leisures are an important part within my writing process, for it helps me to remain anchored into that creative state of mind, which expands my self-confidence as a writer/blogger. 

Crafting, writing poetry or single lines, taking pictures, making graphics and vids, are all essential things for me to be doing in order to bloom further as a complementary to-be crafter/maker. All of these acts help me to impregnate my own self of this dimension of creation; calling to my instinctive primary thoughts and ideas from where sprouts out the necessary imagination for me to be writing fiction, or even to be making the necessary graphics and pictures for my blog or social accounts.
I believe that creativity calls upon creativity, where it’s an endless circle filled of links pointing to methods and random images from where one can extract the necessary flux of ideas needed for the intended expression.
Within these moments of creative channelling, I can relax myself-deep to dive freely into an ocean of constellation of remembrance and let whatever wants to come alive take over my mind; and as reward, my brain is entranced with the joy of seeing the idea become concrete (of course, don’t panic; it’s filled of metaphors here…).
During my creative moments I feel totally free, I am me — unapologetically, where I know that I can let go of my thoughts beaming into every way, and this, without any judging eyes eyeing at me. Within these moments of evasion I only care of shaping whatever I want to shape, while happily watching my own concept of aesthetic take form.
There would have been no blog-post today, simply because, I had been so low on energy during these past days–with my mind wandering into every way, that I was unable to find the inspiration needed to put myself into a creative state of mind. But making some handicrafts linked to a Japanese art concept named ‘wabi-sabi’, which is an art-theme based on imperfectionhelped me to get the necessary inspiration as to write this particular post.
Crafting these little handicrafts sparkled again my confidence about what I am currently doing, which my guess here, is about what I had been suffering for these past few days. More importantly, I’ve understood something crucial, which is, that it is only during retreats within these moments of creation, that the push towards making more of what pleases my own eyes enliven my sense of  expressiveness.
*And as for you, what creative leisure brings you that sense of self-confidence? As always, don’t hesitate to comment below.

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– My Little Bookcase –

It house only those writings dear to my heart

Who is calling? Isn’t it a character sitting inside your bookcase

My bookcase isn’t large nor prettily styled, but it stand
in length–watching an ill-lighted corridor. My bookcase has no large panoplies of books sitting fancily on its 5 wooden shelves, but books, you know, I’ve read a lot – those that naturally found me at the détour of a school or municipal library, or even those give-away gems (mostly) into which I found my favourite story to escape within; same as these other books that enlightened some of my profound universal questions.
Little anecdote: I realised that my husband was the one when he gave me a ‘secret adventure book’, which is a collection of french ésotérique books.
From time to time, I bought  books which seem to give answers to my hunger for obscure knowledge, while others–like some dark powers at work–were books with prose that sickenened too much my mind; and till now, I can’t seem to understand how much unpresent my mind could have been when I bought these books. But I keep them as a reminder, that if they have been able to get published through those big publication houses, then, I might as well take my chance and give it a try to find a descent publisher… my guess here is, who dares win.
Then, there are those books that followed me from my teens till now, amongst — a collection of ‘Christopher Pike’ which I cherish since my teens, the clan of the cave bear  by Jean M. Auel (note that it was a give-away; one of my favourite book of all time; the first novel I’ve read in my teen days), De Toute Son Âme by René Bazin (that too was a give-away and remains my favourite amongst french literature), the beautiful Jane Eyre, the fantastical dreamy mind of Shakespeare, the futuristic visions of H.G. Wells, the thrilling suspense of Misery by Stephen King, and all of these, superbly aligned within books of quotes, poésies, and of self-help (where most of these were also give-aways).
Little anecdote: I was 13 or 14 when I read my first Christopher Pike, and it was love at first read. Thing is, I got this book through a friend, who herself got it from another friend. What I am going to divulge here, is not something that I am pretty proud of, and where it is the only kind of theft I committed through my whole life (yep, I stole a Christopher Pike’s book). Though how bad and lowly this action was, I didn’t want to return the book–too tempted to keep it for me. I ended up telling my friend that my little sister had torn entirely the book and apologised for this terrible accident. And that is how I had my first Pike’s book–thing which I still have with me. If ever you recognise me through this blog-post, I am sorry for that, I was a youngster filled of foolishness and obsession… but you know what – I didn’t slept for days, and felt guilty for saying such a big lie… and I even made nightmares about it 😟
There is also a shelf dedicated to short stories and fairy-tales for children. I remember when I really first fell in love with fairy-tales, where these were written into a folio book with colourful drawings of mermaids, witches, fishermen, and all the rest… but these had no happy endings, contrary to the princess and the pea, diamonds and toads (which I read in french), little one-eye, little two-eyes, and little three-eyes, Cinderella, and all the rest. I am certain that all of these  fairy-tales and fables have forged the views I have on the world, turning me into a more pensive person.
*I guess that I should  extend this paragraph into a blog-post.
The third shelf is dedicated to magazines of all kinds: lifestyle, fashion,

Two shelves out of Five

culture, health, nature. And now that I blog, these magazines are more inspirational than ever to me.

I wish that there was a crown over the top of my wooden bookcase, but you know, sometimes space and lack of time turns a thing meant for a special purpose into some kind of neglected all-purpose space. I also wish that it would stand into a room filled of enchanting visuals with a window regarding on an area filled of flowers, beside a lengthy marine-blue velvet sofa into which I would have been able to relax and evade into a good story, but what to say, instead, on top of the bookshelf, there is a small clock and shoe boxes filled of DVD’s. And as for the murals surrounding it, they are filled with my children’s scribbling and scrawling and other childish stickers.
Though how much I love looking at all of those fancy-bookcases-filled-with-books-of-all-sorts on Pinterest, I don’t think that I would personally have one of these large and scenic bookcases and bookshelves into my house, simply because I hate dust, and all of these little creatures that live inside the leaflets of books. Instead, with the advent of eBooks, I prefer adopt the digital lifestyle, which I think is best for this environmental-saving-era.
But surely one day I will put my bookcase into a beautiful area of my house, knowingly that it contains bits of my past and some dimensional-space-thought of individuals filled of artistry.
And as for you dear reader, of what is made your bookcase or bookshelf? As always, don’t hesitate to comment down below, whichever year this blog might have reached you.
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My 36 Day Challenge Till Valentine’s Day

Valentine season is around the corner

To create everyday romantic poetic e-cards till valentine’s day

Last year I had planned to create in advance a collection for valentine season, but I was unable to concretize it for I was still busy with the in-depth learning of creative writing. However, I have decided that this year will be different, thus challenged myself to create everyday, and this till the 14 of February, romantic poetic e-cards intended for free downloads, sharing, printing, or simply for those that love to read romantic words.

I consider this challenge as an extra creative leisure; a mean for me to practice my writing skills, and as well as to exercise my graphical aesthetic aptitude. But above all, my real intent here is to prepare myself effectively towards the indiependentship pathway, which consists of setting myself into the niche that I have chosen. Like that, at least I know that I have contents and links to share and publicize.

Screenshot of the e-card I am making for today. Created with Google Drawings

Also, I have to say that without the help of online tools, I would have never had the idea of doing all of this, that is, to dare bring out my creativity. I now can say that I know in which direction I am heading to, I know what I want, though it will take time for me to improve, to learn, to understand, to make connections, to craft, to write, to create, but also to accept.

Saying so, I now leave you to go create these romantic poetic e-cards —creative hobby that suits me so well.

And what about you? What challenges have you set your mind to? Don’t hesitate to comment, and this, from whichever future time-lapse you might be visiting this blog.

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2018 Highlights Of My Online Activities

Say Formulate your need and desires for 2019…

This year has been the year of all mistakes, challenges, changes, reflections, analysis, but also progress and rock solid self-determination.

Every end year I love to sit down and reflect on what I have been able to achieve for personal growth and advancement. And this year I can say that I am pretty proud of myself, which is something that I have not felt since long… you know, that feeling of self-determination that strengthen with each step made towards that dream or goal…

Of course, I had my loads of bad times, but I am not around to lose my time! I am here because I have a goal that needs to be achieved, so as for me to decide about what I will be doing next… the clock is ticking, and everyday the sound of it reminds me of the preciousness of each hour-time that’s lost.

So down below are some of the main points concerning my 2018 online and writing odyssey:

Deletion of my former blog ‘Lovelyricism’ on WordPress

Have to say that it is the stupidest mistake that I committed for this year. Almost 4 years of blogging and learning how to use this platform has been casted away into winds of oblivion.

Complete deletion of my former account ‘Christa Chn’

I don’t regret that I have deleted this account, I only regret my former Pinterest boards – lolll. Have to say that I was going through some mental disturbance during this particular period of time…

I have progressed a lot through the writing of my book

After I deleted my former accounts, I focused more seriously on writing my book, and I’ve been progressing through the bringing of my attention to those small details that I now bring out forth into my writings.

I had an urge to blog

Writing is a rather lonely act, where suddenly I felt an urge to blog, for I terribly missed this creative leisure.

New account: from Christa Chn-to Eiravel

I wanted to change from Christa Chn to an alternative online name – one which fits my vision of the whole thing that I wanted to achieve, and thus I went for However I noticed that there was some kind of incoherence concerning the pronunciation and written form of the term that could confuse, and where in the long run this would not work in my favour into the bizsphere. Thus deletion and abandonment of to the detriment of Eiravel – which is an anagram of my paper name.

I am also working on a poetry book titled ‘i-organel dreamscape’

I love to write poetry for a surplus of creative leisure, and all the bits of sentences I have written here and there happened to have taken the form of free-verses, so I thought, why not kill two birds with one stone (faire d’une pierre deux coups).

I feel a little bit more at ease in the digital space

Understanding geek and technical terms used across the digital-space has not been easy at all for me. I had to come back many time to the main points to be able to assimilate the contextualisation of what makes the basic of the web, where I now understand why this whole thing is coined as ‘web’ and ‘internet’. The way I personally interact with abstract representations has finally aided me more than I could have ever imagine. Perhaps it might appear odd to you, but my interest (not saying obsession) into the association of words and formulations, and as well as the abstract behind everything, has somehow help me through navigating more smoothly across the web-space.

Going Social again

After I deleted my former account, I lost many posts, so now alongside my blog, I will try to catch up again with my socials.
▅ So here were some main points of what I have achieved and also changed during this 2018, with high hopes that I am on the right track, while keeping my focus there where it should be. And where are you, digitally speaking… don’t hesitate to comment from wherever year this post reached you 😅 ▅
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A Change Of Name From To Eiravel

If it’s confusing for me, then it would be confusing for you

Scientifically, the sequences were not aligned for further information…lol

Recently I noticed that my online accounts were not consistent across the web, and this situation forced me to completely change my e-name all across the web. As you have once seen, this blog was named eakilog, and this was such because the sub-domain name for was not available from the start. Not even the username for my gmail account… and it was quite a shock for me, for I thought that I had created a unique name – but it was clearly not the case. As for my Google account itself, the ea was far away from the ki, and for my social media accounts, I had chosen eaki.thoughts as username. And I realised that all of this would not favor me in the long run. And even though for my blog I found the solution of separating the ea from the ki with a dash, it still all seemed too confusing and disorganised for my own comprehension of things. So, in the end, I decided to change everything once and for all, and came up with another user/brand/alternative/pen name, through rearranging my real name into Eiravel (also I had to look at the inclusion of French/Creole language, where sounded well in English, but a little bit too difficult, confusing, and unpretty to pronounce in these two other languages).


Thus, for these recent two weeks, I have been working hard (still not enough though) trying to migrate all of my former accounts to this new one. But unfortunately, during this process, I’ve lost most of the short stories and blog posts I have so hardly been writing on docs, meant to be uploaded on my blog.

Now, due again to some dumb mistakes of mine – as if I haven’t retained lessons about saving my contents on pen drives, or even by simply downloading my files on file explorer before making the jump of changing everything, and where now I find myself with a shortage of contents.

It’s such a heartache for me – but as someone who is doing it all in solo, I have to accept the fact that some things might completely go out of hands at any time, and that I need to remember that amidst it all, I need to keep a certain degree of positivism, so as to keep my focus towards the right direction.

I will again have to work extremely hard so as to catch up with my online, and as well as my external activities, to fill the agenda I’ve planned for this whole month. This complete reorganization has caused setbacks into the progress I wanted to make, but still, all of it was a necessity, for in long term, it would have caused confusions into the ways I personally proceed with things.

Though I have lost many of my works and made many mistakes, I do think that this year was a good one for me, for I have learned many things through testing, and came to conclusions that will surely help me progress more on the track I have chosen.

I also had to work a lot on myself, and I can say that most of my fear and as well as my paranoia concerning online matters have mostly been eliminated. To not physically see the environment I interact with is very difficult for me, but I’ve fallen in love with this environment the moment I stepped into it, and my new revealing side of the want to become a solopreneur is closely linked to the internet ecosphere.

Even though if it is very hard for me now, I know that with time things will slowly get better and easy — same as with the writing of my book. I just need to keep my flair and sanity cleared of all negative interference, and keep focus on my main plan.

So here I am, still on track, and with no intention of giving up — at least not until everything is setup as I want it to, and not until I really know if this gonna work. The schema I’ve planned is taking shape, and some of the main things that I had difficulty to understand at the beginning seems a little bit more clear to me now… and I guess that’s what counts the most through this particularly hard phase of this exciting journey.

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A typical day in the life of a stay@home mom that writes

“The fact that I am working towards materializing my dream makes me more enthusiastic about the future.”

5.10 a.m, the clock alarm on my nightstand signals me that it is time to get out of bed, but I am still tired, and the sun has not already risen into the sky. I don’t want to leave the comfort of his warm embrace, still, I have my duties, and mine start early on in the morning.

The moment I get out of bed, I exercise my mind to stay focus on my morning routine activities so as to not let idle thoughts get in the way, for I noticed that mornings without unnecessary thoughts were the most creative days for me. Also, I noticed that sustainable creativity stems from having a balanced mind – thing which is not easy to attain, but oh so necessary for any creators out there. For breakfast, I eat cereals, rusks, or bread, and drink a mug of tea typically Mauritian.

Sometimes while preparing family breakfast and school meal for the kids I let myself go, and listen to some music on the radio – but it became more rare within time because it distracts my mind. But still, I am happier when I listen to music, where some songs even strikes my inspirational chord.

Then at around 8, after I’ve put my two boys – aged respectively 9 & 7 years old into their school van –, I start doing my house chores, which lasts at least 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes. Also, lately I started again to walk at least 15 mins on my treadmill everyday, because too much sitting in front of my device does not make me lose the weight I have accumulated through the years, and which is now heavily weighing on my health.

Around 9.15/9.30, I start to write/edit, which I find as being the best time for me to be writing, because of the ambient tranquility that prevails during these hours, and around 11.30 I take a pause, eat, and watch television, all the while refining a little bit all of my social accounts.

In afternoons, I do things at random and go with the flow of how I feel – sometimes I take a nap, sometimes I continue writing for some extra hours, or at other times, I learn about how to use my free online materials, and at 2.15 p.m, I sign out. The remaining hours are devoid to reading, ironing, watching television, cooking, and my phone.

During holiday seasons, when the kids are at home, my writing time is significantly shortened. Right now, that’s what is happening – the children are at home and my everyday chores are being turned upside down. Even though I treat my writing time as if I am currently working, I can’t neglect my children’s education, especially when they have trouble in some of the subjects they learn. So, in the morning, I try to help them as much as I can with their learning, but even if at around 1 o’clock I try to free myself so as to write/edit, by then – I did so much talking, gave too much explanations, and went through all these incessant noises, that I feel drained of all my energy, which proves to be lethal to my concentration during the act of writing. So right now, I am thinking about if ever I should try to get a nap in the afternoon then get to writing at night, or else, get up earlier so as to write. I still don’t know for now how to do it, but I need to take a decision as soon as possible.

Though I have lots of responsibilities, I am sure that with time all those burdens will get lighter, alongside the length of time that I will be able to dedicate to writing – if ever I am able to make it.And as for you, how goes your day as a writer (amateurs or not)? Don’t hesitate to comment below, so as to discuss whatever floats your mind.

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A Self Taught Adventure

A stay@home mum, who is learning-by-doing online

When I stopped working – due to a pregnancy nervous breakdown – I knew for sure that I needed to rethink my whole life and set sail into another career direction. Though I had many options: I formerly worked in sales, I have a diploma in secretary, I worked in a diamond factory, I worked as a part-time land hostess and waitress, and with a Human & Social Biology college grade, I could have considered a course in nursery – yep! I consider myself as a work nomad, and that is something that I am proud of – but unfortunately, all of these careers did not match with my new family lifestyle, for their work hours were not at all in accordance with the time my children went to school in the morning, and as well as the time they came back home in the afternoon. Not saying that most of these works are submitted to many stress factors. So, it had to be a 180° total change . . . a complete reconversion.

Then one day, I fell on an ad, where a web-based customer service company was recruiting stay@homies for training, all the while giving nice allowance and a job placement after completion of different levels of training. So I interestingly thought, This is a new challenge that would enliven again my determination, and light up my spark of passionate work, a little pocket money is always welcome, and the aftermath of this training will be a job at hand . . . well, am in.

However – and sadly for me –, I did not make it through that first level, and it was a failure that I didn’t digested well; for failure had never been an option for me in anything that I had attempted before. Though back then I was not at all acquainted to technological terms and tools, in my head, it was not at all normal for someone like me to not have made it to the next level, and as a matter of fact, I had to admit that I was still way too mentally fragile to even consider taking up another job.

Nevertheless, this little elsewhere escapade helped me understand and see, that I needed to upgrade my skills in basic computerisation – for as a matter of fact, most modern work revolve around computer based jobs. So, all the while taking care of my babies, and as well as working through my mild depression, I decided to learn on the go while being online, so as not to lose more of my precious time. Afterwards, I searched online for every types of possible work that web-based employers might be recruiting for, and started to learn on the go about some of the basics, where, this is how I fell into the e-writing sphere.

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” -Aristotle-

Moreover, while being on – the most creative and supporting community I stumbled upon online – I came to be inspired to blog, write poems, and take pictures on my own, until reminder that I always wanted to write a book. Nevertheless, writing a book is not something that is easy to do; not at all. Though my head had always been prone to daydream symptoms, I was not a writer with the necessary skills and aptitudes to write captivating books, for I never took any creative writing courses, nor had any advanced level of grammar.

Nevertheless, I had, and still have ideas. I was, and still is an analytic reader of great books. I loved, and still love penning down my thoughts – thus, I persevered, and still continue doing so – self-determined learning, for the freedom of thought it generates. I was fond, and still is, of new challenges that would make me blossom – so I said to myself: why not and plunged without an ounce of hesitation into the writing of my actual science-fiction and poetry book.

So, many writing(s), and mistakes, and re-writing(s), and mistakes, and crying, and dramas, and re-mistakes, and anger, and re-re-writing(s) later, I am now learning to edit on my own, and as well as being auto-critical of my own works. And all of this has been possible through learning on the go, and of course, assisted by web materials (for quick searches, edits, vocabs, storage, organisation) (and yes! if you don’t have enough audacity to learn on your own online, then please, take the safest route of seeking mentorship, or even take a course, or else, learn about your digital working tool before going further).

“I don’t love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful.” -Natalie Portman-

However, though I am working hard so as to finish writing my book (s), I am also learning-by-doing online, to do other things that I consider helpful into my new work reconversion – which would more probably be into the independent sector – for it seems that the entrepreneurship fever craze has got me too. And though it is a difficult route, have to say that this adventure has turned out to be one of my most crucial challenge, for on it, rests my whole future.

Some important tips when learning-by-doing online

Throughout these years, I learned through the hard way that your computer might be subjected to viruses or any other kind of digital threats, but also that as a non-tech-savvy experiencing with computerlogy, while not knowing what you’re doing, might bring about minor/major accidents within your personal computer system. If I had not saved my document on a USB Flash Drive, I would surely have no books being written actually.

Sadly, it was not the same for all the rest of my works, but now, I have well understood the lesson, and as often as possible I save my work on an external drive. If you are not tech-savvy, please, remember to save your precious works on a flash drive, or else, always keep the contact number of a good informatician/ethical hacker at hand, otherwise, if you’re a passionate technophile, take a course on computer programs so as to know in depth about your tech-tool.

And as for you, how did your self-taught adventure happened?

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An urge to blog

Sketch of a book, mug, and smartphone

The urge was too strong

Today I felt as if something was missing in my main writing activities; and blogging suddenly appeared to me as the main activity that I needed to get into again (nope, it’s not my first blog, it is my third one). So, just like that (sur un coup de tête, as we say so well in French), I decided to plunge once again into this ocean of digital codes, to type about things that swing into my mind. Not that I am someone that loves to give away the things that are of personal issues, but I am much more of a person that wants to share an experience of the things that set my emotions into motion (for that is what Eiravel represents – an experience, a journey).

I have to admit that writing like that on the go is something that I fear to do, for writing and editing precipitously can be done wrongfully, thereby, repelling all of these gleaming-eyed readers away from my writings. But then I thought, this whole thing is still in the hobby lane, so why not step into the blogging dance without stress, so, that is how I created on the go this account – and here I am, already at the end of finishing my first blog post.

Now all I have to do is blog whenever the urge to do so surges deep within my heart.

Who would have thought that my want to blog again would be that strong!… Surely not me.