Awareness In Times Of Chaos

Awareness In Times Of Chaos Awareness is a form of meditation, of being inspired, of triggering the emotion of peace, love, and freedom. Awareness, I believe, is the most powerful and sane experience that a living being can have, though I’ve never understood why is it so difficult to attain, but also, why is itContinue reading “Awareness In Times Of Chaos”

Whimsies – womanly thoughts

In the night, over the ground, I dreamt that I flew over a nest of women who were drunk with happiness and insouciance, who spinned and danced wildly, singing and laughing joyfully, and I, I had a pen and paper in my hand, writing about what I saw during that womanhood festival. And when IContinue reading “Whimsies – womanly thoughts”

New Goal Achieved

An invitation to the launch of the 27th title of Collection Maurice It’s the 15th of December, at 5.50 pm we enter the Hennessy Park Hotel parking. “Let’s go back home. I don’t want to go inside. I am not in my element,” I then said to my husband, with a stirring sensation in myContinue reading “New Goal Achieved”

My Two Manuscripts

In the night-time, I dreamed that I was at a wedding ceremony on the celestial plane. The bride was beautiful; she had a wreath of flowers on her head, and she wore an ivory lace dress. On the other hand, the bridegroom was a gigantic energy being, same as the others that were present. DuringContinue reading “My Two Manuscripts”

Writing to slow down time

I want to be able to write more short stories, book reviews, and tips; convey more of my thoughts, feelings, and ideas. But unfortunately, my daily length of time is insufficient, ephemeral, limited. Poems are more present on this blog because they are short forms of writings, thus I had the ability to practice theContinue reading “Writing to slow down time”

Writing abates the storm in my heart

Writing abates the storm that often rages in my heart – like frustrations, anxieties, sadness, anger, unacceptance, incomprehensiveness, and all of these other emotional disaster that wrecks my all. When I write, my heart feels lighter, my soul soars higher, I can see clearer, and I feel happier. When I am immersed within, only facingContinue reading “Writing abates the storm in my heart”

The Dedication Amidst Anxiety

“When you’re going through hell, keep going” – anon Anxiety has always been a poison to my mind – it rules me, it makes me unproductive, it fogs my mind, I can’t see clearly. My mind is an arid land when confronted to anxieties, which most of the time change into stress, and stress toContinue reading “The Dedication Amidst Anxiety”

About Meditation For Creatives

My experience of the thing To “meditate” is defined in the dictionary as: “to think deeply and seriously about something” – but to gain what exactly? As for me, in the beginning, I wanted release from stress; and with all the books that I already had – about the power of Meditation and all theContinue reading “About Meditation For Creatives”

My 2020 Resolutions

Concerning my creative career My tries of yesteryearFell on the soil –Bloomed out a strange plantWhose leaves I ate this year –Mistakes to not make againMistakes to not make again. -Eiravel- Here comes the time of the year where some resolutions need to be thought about. As for my 2019 resolutions, most of them haveContinue reading “My 2020 Resolutions”

If I Had Abandoned

Driven By Passion & Determination It has been difficult, very difficult indeed. It had been almost alienating… and all of this happened during the strangest episode that I have ever encountered in my whole life… and believe me, I have encountered a lot. I should have abandoned and taken all of these hoaxes that myContinue reading “If I Had Abandoned”

The importance of creative leisures in my life

To me, creative leisures are an important part within my writing process, for it helps me to remain anchored into that creative state of mind, which expands my self-confidence as a writer/blogger.  Crafting, writing poetry or single lines, taking pictures, making graphics and vids, are all essential things for me to be doing in orderContinue reading “The importance of creative leisures in my life”

– My Little Bookcase –

It house only those writings dear to my heart   My bookcase isn’t large nor prettily styled, but it stand in length–watching an ill-lighted corridor. My bookcase has no large panoplies of books sitting fancily on its 5 wooden shelves, but books, you know, I’ve read a lot – those that naturally found me atContinue reading “– My Little Bookcase –”

My 36 Day Challenge Till Valentine’s Day

To create everyday romantic poetic e-cards till valentine’s day Last year I had planned to create in advance a collection for valentine season, but I was unable to concretize it for I was still busy with the in-depth learning of creative writing. However, I have decided that this year will be different, thus challenged myselfContinue reading “My 36 Day Challenge Till Valentine’s Day”

2018 Highlights Of My Online Activities

This year has been the year of all mistakes, challenges, changes, reflections, analysis, but also progress and rock solid self-determination. Every end year I love to sit down and reflect on what I have been able to achieve for personal growth and advancement. And this year I can say that I am pretty proud ofContinue reading “2018 Highlights Of My Online Activities”

A Change Of Name From To Eiravel

If it’s confusing to me, then it will be confusing for you Recently I noticed that my online accounts were not consistent across the web, and this situation forced me to completely change my e-name. This blog was once named ‘eakilog’, simply because the sub-domain name for was not available, even the username for myContinue reading “A Change Of Name From To Eiravel”

A typical day in the life of a stay@home mom that writes

5.10 a.m, the clock alarm on my nightstand signals me that it is time to get out of bed, but I am still tired, and the sun has not already risen into the sky. I don’t want to leave the comfort of his warm embrace, still, I have my duties, and mine start early onContinue reading “A typical day in the life of a stay@home mom that writes”

A Self Taught Adventure

A stay@home mum who learns online For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them. Aristotle When I stopped working — due to a pregnancy nervous breakdown — I knew that I needed to redesign my whole life and set sail in another career direction. Though I hadContinue reading “A Self Taught Adventure”