A typical day in the life of a stay@home mom that writes

“The fact that I am working towards materializing my dream makes me more enthusiastic about the future.”

5.10 a.m, the clock alarm on my nightstand signals me that it is time to get out of bed, but I am still tired, and the sun has not already risen into the sky. I don’t want to leave the comfort of his warm embrace, still, I have my duties, and mine start early on in the morning.

The moment I get out of bed, I exercise my mind to stay focus on my morning routine activities so as to not let idle thoughts get in the way, for I noticed that mornings without unnecessary thoughts were the most creative days for me. Also, I noticed that sustainable creativity stems from having a balanced mind – thing which is not easy to attain, but oh so necessary for any creators out there. For breakfast, I eat cereals, rusks, or bread, and drink a mug of tea typically Mauritian.

Sometimes while preparing family breakfast and school meal for the kids I let myself go, and listen to some music on the radio – but it became more rare within time because it distracts my mind. But still, I am happier when I listen to music, where some songs even strikes my inspirational chord.

Then at around 8, after I’ve put my two boys – aged respectively 9 & 7 years old into their school van –, I start doing my house chores, which lasts at least 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes. Also, lately I started again to walk at least 15 mins on my treadmill everyday, because too much sitting in front of my device does not make me lose the weight I have accumulated through the years, and which is now heavily weighing on my health.

Around 9.15/9.30, I start to write/edit, which I find as being the best time for me to be writing, because of the ambient tranquility that prevails during these hours, and around 11.30 I take a pause, eat, and watch television, all the while refining a little bit all of my social accounts.

In afternoons, I do things at random and go with the flow of how I feel – sometimes I take a nap, sometimes I continue writing for some extra hours, or at other times, I learn about how to use my free online materials, and at 2.15 p.m, I sign out. The remaining hours are devoid to reading, ironing, watching television, cooking, and my phone.

During holiday seasons, when the kids are at home, my writing time is significantly shortened. Right now, that’s what is happening – the children are at home and my everyday chores are being turned upside down. Even though I treat my writing time as if I am currently working, I can’t neglect my children’s education, especially when they have trouble in some of the subjects they learn. So, in the morning, I try to help them as much as I can with their learning, but even if at around 1 o’clock I try to free myself so as to write/edit, by then – I did so much talking, gave too much explanations, and went through all these incessant noises, that I feel drained of all my energy, which proves to be lethal to my concentration during the act of writing. So right now, I am thinking about if ever I should try to get a nap in the afternoon then get to writing at night, or else, get up earlier so as to write. I still don’t know for now how to do it, but I need to take a decision as soon as possible.

Though I have lots of responsibilities, I am sure that with time all those burdens will get lighter, alongside the length of time that I will be able to dedicate to writing – if ever I am able to make it.And as for you, how goes your day as a writer (amateurs or not)? Don’t hesitate to comment below, so as to discuss whatever floats your mind.

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